Midis Group’s Sami Abi Esber on delivering innovation and enabling success

In an exclusive interview, Sami Abi Esber, President – Midis System Integration and Board Member – Midis Group, spotlights the importance of System Integrators amid increased digital transformation and how they can enable business success in the era of the new normal.

Sami Abi Esber, President – Midis System Integration Group and Board Member – Midis Group

Digital transformation is increasingly becoming prevalent in virtually every sector. Companies are constantly searching for ways to streamline their most essential services and processes to deliver the best in class experiences to customers. However, organisations often struggle when it comes to managing their ever-expanding digital environments, especially when business is rapidly growing.

Systems integrators (SIs) play a vital role in enabling organisations to successfully deploy projects and adopt new trends in Technology while getting the most value from their investment. A study by Data Bridge Market Research has revealed that the global system integrator market is expected to reach $90.82 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 5.6 percent in the forecast period of 2019-2026.

“Driven by ever-growing advancements around cloud, mobile applications, big data, analytics, security and virtual technologies, we have seen a huge demand for the system integration market,” says Sami Abi Esber.

Amid increased digitisation, System integrators facilitate an ecosystem wherein multiple systems are connected allowing organisations to effectively access and visualise data simultaneously for better decision-making.

“In addition, System Integrators enable a cost-effective approach for IT implementation of intricate projects and ensures enhanced infrastructure management, reduces data redundancy, and maintains data integrity, resulting in improved organisational productivity and efficiency,” explains Esber.

Organisations across multiple verticals are turning to technologies around automation to become faster and more agile in the face of increasing market demands and rapidly changing environments. They see the advantages that automation brings in optimising their workflows. This presents a tremendous opportunity for System Integrators to provide customers with the right knowledge and technical support to enable them to achieve the promise of automation technologies.

“By automating the repetitive and mundane computer-based tasks, workers are free to focus on initiatives that deliver more value to the business. It enables them to take on tasks that require, creativity, human insight or social intelligence – things that only humans can provide,” says Esber.

This trend is increasingly becoming more rampant in the Middle East, where spending on cognitive and artificial intelligence (AI) systems is expected to surpass $100 million by 2021, according to IDC.

“Over the course of the next decade, we can expect AI’s impact to transcend across both the economy and society,” he says. “Trusted advisors such as SIs are being called upon by enterprises to integrate best of breed technologies to accelerate AI projects, driven by their need to ramp up their capabilities and competitiveness. In addition, clients are relying heavily on trusted SIs to demonstrate how their business can truly benefit from today’s AI solutions.”

Having been in the market for more than five decades, Midis SI Group has extensive experience in delivering the latest and most innovative technologies and empowering enterprises across the Middle East and Europe. Comprising 50+ entities spread across 13 countries (Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman, KSA, Palestine, Iraq, Turkey, Poland, Czech) & 20 major cities, Midis SI group has 2,500+ employees in sales, pre-sales, implementation, tech support / other departments.

The company provides complete turnkey solutions to its customers, right from planning, design to implementation, ongoing management to operations of digital transformation projects.

Midis SI Group focuses on the following key technologies /solutions – Cloud & Data Center Infrastructure Services, Managed IT Services, Managed Security Services, Software & Professional Services, End User Computing, Mobility & Communications, Enterprise IT (Servers, Storage & Data Management, Network), Technical services (Maintenance, outsourcing and call centre), Site and Power Solutions, ELV and AV, Mobile & containerized data centres, manufacturing of Telecom Shelters.

“Our aim has always been to enable regional enterprises to embrace the full potential of these technologies and how they can shape business success in different circumstances,” says Esber. “We have a portfolio of cutting-edge technologies and have partnered with the global 100 top technology vendors. We thrive in offering a comprehensive blend of innovative technologies in addition to offering 24/7 support and managed services to enable customers in their digital transformation journey. As a System Integrator, we are well-positioned to support businesses with global innovations powered by local expertise.”

With rapidly changing client needs and technological advances, SIs must have in-depth experience and knowledge on providing solutions that meet the clients changing business requirements.

“With a range of technology at our fingertips, System Integrators have to evolve, keeping pace with the changing market dynamics. At Midis SI Group we continue to invest our time, resources and budgets to ensure that we offer the best solutions from leading technology vendors to our Customers,” says Esber.

COVID-19 and the future

It is undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact globally and regionally on almost every industry. However, several industry studies have shown that the appetite for digital transformation initiatives is on the rise, fueled primarily by the current need to adapt to new working models.

“We are dedicated to helping our customers achieve business continuity and resilience, which has been vital to all organisations,” says Esber. “Our teams are constantly in touch with customers, vendors and other stakeholders to ensure we are all aware of how we can support each other during these unprecedented times. This has enabled us to keep abreast of the changing market dynamics and specific requirements of all our stakeholders.”

Moving forward, Esber says that the company will continue to invest and develop new solutions and initiatives to adapt and succeed in the era of the new normal. “We endeavor to continuously support today’s remote workforces. We are working very closely with all our partners to provide solutions which will resonate with the market trends in the years to come. While we are focusing extensively in growing our market share and maintaining our leading position in the Middle East, we are also investing organically and through acquisitions in new technology trends like IOT, AI, Big Data & Analytics,” concludes Esber.

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