First-ever 3D-printed eyewear now available in Dubai

Immensa Technology Labs (Immensa), the UAE-based Additive Manufacturing (AM or 3D printing) company, has announced its partnership with Dubai-based Monogram Eyewear to present the first high-end, 3D-printed eyewear product line in the UAE.

After over a year of internal tests and prototypes, the frames are now market-ready and will represent the first regionally 3D-printed commercial product.

Bassel Kabak, Founder and Managing Director at Monogram Eyewear, said, “We are delighted and proud to be introducing the first 3D-printed eyewear to Dubai, set to revolutionise the regional optical market. Conceived and created at Immensa, these frames are in line with the ‘Dubai 3D Printing Strategy’ and will offer a sustainable and innovative approach to the age-old industry. These frames will be curated to best suit customers in accordance with their preferences and will be made available in all other cosmopolitan cities, including Singapore, Hong Kong, New York and London.”

Customers purchasing these 3D-printed frames — ranging between AED 1,300 and AED 1,650 — gain the luxury of having personalised, custom-tailored frames that are equally sturdy and light, based on 15 pre-set designs and a choice of four colours.

The frames will be printed using industry-established material and a unique blend of titanium alloy that will be handcrafted in monogram lab.

Fahmi Al Shawwa, Chief Executive Officer at Immensa Technology Labs, said, “Monogram Eyewear are ahead of the curve in its optical innovation. Our scientists and engineers tirelessly worked with them to develop revolutionary, 3D-printed eyewear frames that we believe will take the market by storm. Immensa is delighted to be working with resourceful and forward-thinking institutions that support Dubai’s mandate to be fully sustainable and offer products that redefine their respective industries.”

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