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Robots will be the main users of white goods by 2050

The once distant dream of robotic assistants and self-sufficient appliances may soon become a reality, and as technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) continue to advance, the way in which we live is set to be transformed.  AI and IoT will be essential to most families and will be a foundation for making everything else better. Day to day life, as we know it, could be unrecognisable as soon as 2050.

This dramatic transformation was revealed by leading home appliance manufacturer, Beko in partnership with Dr Ian Pearson as part of a panel debate at IFA, the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances.

The debate at IFA focused on “The future of home appliances in a fast-changing world” and this document summarises the top five trends for future living that were published this week by Dr Ian Pearson in a lengthier white paper. The report explores the ever-changing consumer trends and technological shifts that are set to impact the way people live and consequently, how technology will revolutionise the home in the near and distant future.

Parent company of Beko, Arcelik CEO Hakan Bulgurlu, said, “The convergence of technology and science is radically transforming the white goods space and we are witnessing exciting changes. At Beko, we are about bringing these latest innovations to the masses and not the few. This goes to the heart of our business. We’re focused on the new generation of families from across the world who are tech savvy and health conscious. Our role is to develop products which can bear some of the burden of increasingly hectic consumers’ lives. Take the Beko AquaTech washing machine for example which offers smarter and fast programs with an up to fifty percent faster cycle, giving working families some much needed time back.

  1. Rise of the Robots

By 2050, make way for a new type of babysitter, butler or housekeeper as robots will take on the majority of household chores to ease time pressures.  The weekly food shop could become a thing of the past, as together with the use of smart fridges, robots will determine what supplies are needed and when. They may eventually develop the intelligence to automatically re-order lower stock items with delivery, allowing households to benefit from a fresh and healthy diet free from ‘naughty’ foods which these sophisticated machines will prepare by talking intelligently with your other household appliances.

  1. Home of our own

By 2025, expect AR to feature in kitchens across the globe, creating personalised overlay images according to each family members’ preference. From bespoke décor or virtual paintings on the walls to a nice beach view from the window, parents and children alike could be lucky enough to custom view their home. While furniture and appliances will still be required for functional living, interpretation of the living environment will be entirely up to the viewer, opening the doors to a truly unique living experience. 

  1. Adult supervision

Parents will benefit from easier supervision of children, as food and beverage overlays can show how many calories are consumed and burned by their children, how much fitness is improved week on week, how many/few vegetables they have eaten and any nutrition they may be lacking. In fact, every member of the family can benefit from personalised menus, meals and nutrient tracking, thanks to the introduction of smart fridges and integrated high performance cookers. These future innovations will help consumers free up extra time from their hectic lives which they can otherwise spend with loved ones.

  1. High tech health

Innovation in technology is also set to change our daily wellness and lifestyle habits with consumer driven high-tech healthcare solutions. The convergence of the biotech, pharmaceutical and food production industries will lead to the creation of smart foods with higher nutritional value and better taste. Our enthusiasm for vitamins and sports supplements could lead to high functioning food with long term health benefits.  Smart packaging will be able to track exactly what we’re eating and how we can maintain a healthy balanced diet with packaging directly connected to phone apps and appliances using instant alerts. Beko products are designed with healthy eating in mind, for example the Vacuum Blender preserves forty per cent more Vitamin C by preventing contents from coming in to contact with air and reducing oxidisation, while the EverFresh+® fridge technology preserves fruits and vegetables for up to thirty days longer, minimising the stress of food deterioration.

  1. The connected home

As technology evolves, household appliances will soon be talking to one another. Sophisticated sensors, for example will enable the washing machine to talk to our smart phone to align with the weekly household diary. Appliances and androids will know that the kids football practice is coming up on Sunday morning so sports kits needs to be washed and kitchen appliances will prepare for Saturday night’s dinner party with food being ordered and delivered along with health recipe recommendations.

Tailor made programs will be developed through machine learning and our household products will understand our daily needs and habits to provide personal solutions which will make our lives easier. This will ultimately free up our time for humans to be human and do things we want to while machines can get on with the background processes.

“Futurologist, Dr Ian Pearson has concluded that “Technology is making our lives richer and easier, which will continue to accelerate for a long time yet. If we get it right, it can free up time and give us more control of our lives which in turn will allow us to spend our time in more meaningful ways.”

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