Gigamon unveils Software Defined Visibility

network trafficGigamon has unveiled Software Defined Visibility, a framework that will enable quick and real time response to network threats.

The new programme allows customers, security partners and managed service providers to automate detection, reaction and response to threats and programmatically adapt security policies to network changes.

According to Shehzad Merchant, Chief Technology Officer, Gigamon, Software Defined Visibility enables security tools, such as IPSs, WAFs, Secure Web Gateways, Sandboxes and other in-line or out-of-band security appliances to programme the Gigamon Visibility Fabric to automatically update traffic Flow Maps and GigaSMART operations based on real-time conditions.

“By enabling the programmability of our Visibility Fabric, customers gain the ability to dynamically adjust and enhance their visibility posture thereby improving security, while reducing costs and network complexities,” he added.

Software Defined Visibility is a framework that allows customers, security and network equipment vendors, as well as managed service providers, to control and programme Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric via REST-based Application Programme Interfaces (APIs).  By writing programmes that utilise Gigamon’s APIs, critical functions previously requiring manual intervention can be automated to improve responsiveness, enhance analysis and increase protection of key resources and information assets. Potential use case examples include: 

  • Improve Security Efficiencies – Security administrators can develop applications to improve network detection, reaction and response by automating NetFlow generation and SSL decryption so that current security appliances are not overtaxed when performing deep packet inspection. For example, administrators can use the APIs that programme the Visibility Fabric to dynamically change the traffic forwarding policies in response to threats or anomalous network traffic changes.
  • Automate Policy Management – As new virtual machines are spun up, administrators can write policy management programs that utilise Gigamon’s APIs to automatically follow new changes within virtual and physical networks.
  • Simplify Provisioning and Ticketing – For many organisations, IT Operations Management (ITOM) groups are burdened to manually perform common tasks, such as provisioning and ticketing of network port configurations, monitoring of new IP subnets and VLANs, and upgrading software images. With Software Defined Visibility, ITOM groups can develop programmes to automate these processes.

Gigamon’s Software Defined Visibility creates a flexible foundation that enables MSPs and channel partners to create new and innovative ways to exceed service level agreements and customer expectations.

GigaSMART technology extends the intelligence and value of the Gigamon Visibility Fabric architecture by enhancing monitoring infrastructure and improving tool performance.  A suite of applications is available to enable modification, manipulation, transformation, and transport of traffic from the network to the tools and appliances used for management, monitoring and security.

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