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Alef Education showcases the Alef Metaverse to improve climate education at COP28

Alef Education, a UAE-based global leader in education technology, is participating in the ongoing COP28 to highlight the crucial role of innovative solutions such as the Alef Metaverse and the EcoChamps course in promoting climate education and environmental sustainability.

The company’s flagship exhibit at the Greening Education Pavilion, hosted by the UAE Ministry of Education at COP28, is the Alef Metaverse. This innovative solution combines world-class gamification with educational platforms in a carefully moderated and controlled environment. The experience provides compelling, engaging, and immersive learning experiences that promote greater academic flexibility and raise awareness of carbon emissions and sustainability principles.

As the UAE Ministry of Education’s strategic partner at the conference, Alef Education uses comprehensive data analysis and visualization techniques to provide COP28 delegates with valuable insights into the country’s green learning achievements and the impact of tackling climate change. As part of its Data Showcase, this initiative is being developed and implemented by the Ministry of Education with the support of Alef Education technology. The company also unveiled the EcoChamps program at COP28, which raises awareness of climate change and promotes sustainable practices among UAE students in line with COP28 sustainability goals.

H.E. Dr. Amna Al Dahak Al Shamsi, Assistant Undersecretary of the Care and Capacity Building Sector at the Ministry of Education, said: “We at the Ministry of Education are aware of the crucial role that education plays in raising future generations awareness of climate challenges and equipping them with the skills to tackle these issues for a sustainable future. We have initiated various sustainable programs that integrate climate education and environmental sustainability into all levels of education to make this vision a reality. Our collaboration with Alef Education is a testament to our commitment to creating an education system that prioritizes sustainability and climate action in line with the national climate agenda. Together, we strive to bring about tangible, lasting change that benefits students, teachers, and society”.

Geoffrey Alphonso, CEO of Alef Education, said: “We are honoured to be part of COP28 and thank the UAE Ministry of Education for selecting us as a strategic partner for this global climate conference. Our participation in COP28 reflects our commitment to shaping a sustainable future through innovative educational solutions that equip youth with the knowledge and skills to tackle climate challenges. We believe that every student should have access to climate education through various innovative learning solutions and programs. We have developed various platforms and programs to fulfil this commitment, such as the Alef Metaverse and the Alef EcoChamps program. We will continue participating in global, regional, and national events to popularise climate education and introduce innovative solutions to redefine education”.

Alef Education celebrated the success of two initiatives—the EcoChamps program and the Metaverse experience—by hosting the EcoChamps Awards during COP28. The ceremony recognized and celebrated outstanding achievements. Thirty students were honoured as top performers, and 12 out of 309 participating schools were recognised.

The EcoChamps program received an overwhelming response from students and schools in the UAE, with more than 58,000 students signing up for the program within eight weeks. The program was developed with the Ministry of Education, Partnership for Education at Cambridge University Press & Assessment, and the Carbon Literacy Project. The Alef Metaverse experience also saw high participation. More than 36,000 UAE students participated in a comprehensive educational experience. The Metaverse experience is an innovative educational initiative that gives students a deeper understanding of climate change and environmental sustainability.

The participation of Alef Education in COP28 underscores the company’s commitment to raising awareness of climate change and promoting sustainable practices among youth through its innovative solutions that provide personalised learning experiences and data-driven insights.

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