Aruba Networks Saudi roadshow to address Wi-Fi Enterprise Mobility challenges

manish bhardAruba Networks is set to host the final leg of its EMEA Mobility Roadshow with an event in Saudi Arabia that will be held tomorrow at the Holiday Inn, Izdihar.

The event has been designed for networking managers, IT managers, architects and engineers from across various industry verticals and will feature sessions and demonstrations addressing the challenges of enterprise mobility.

Manish Bhardwaj, Regional Marketing Manager, Aruba Networks, Middle East and Turkey, said, “Saudi Arabia now has a smartphone penetration of over 60% and the number of organisations subscribing to BYOD is encouraging. At the same time, IT should understand that gigabit wireless speeds and the support for more connections, devices and apps are now basic requirements of enterprise mobility.

“To increase productivity and innovation, they must turn to solutions that supplement these basic requirements with advanced features such as context-based policy control, robust security, intelligent traffic prioritisation and assured QoS. As the industry leader in business mobility, Aruba Networks is hosting this roadshow to share this latest information with the Saudi market.”

The presentations at the event will highlight the technological and logistical challenges as well as the benefits of Aruba’s 802.11ac deployment, device and app management and extending mobile services to visitors and customers.

802.11ac is the successor to Aruba’s 802.11n Wi-Fi standard. By operating exclusively in the less-cluttered 5GHz spectrum range, supporting more high-speed antennas and employing innovative ‘beamforming’, a technique that focuses the router’s signals towards the device’s location, 802.11ac delivers vast improvements in both speed and service quality, Aruba says.

The solution features Aruba’s ClientMatch technology, which ensures that devices are always connected to the best possible access point, even as they roam within the Aruba wireless LAN. The company will also demonstrate its BYOD solution- Aruba ClearPass and Aruba WorkSpace- and its cloud Wi-Fi solution.

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