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AVEVA advances predictive analytics market with new AI-powered software release

David Bleackley, Value Chain Optimisation Lead, AVEVA.

The new release features automated model building. This new capability enables users to autonomously deploy new predictive models in a single action.  This greatly reduces the time required to deploy and scale the predictive maintenance solution while reducing errors and ensuring consistency in model development.

Inderpreet Shoker, ARC Advisory Group said “With rising market pressures industrial organisations must find ways to facilitate agile, resilient, and profitable operations. The predictive analytics market continues to evolve as the technology has advanced to a point where the data can be leveraged in such a way that asset stakeholders can easily operationalise predictive monitoring of their assets at scale enabling rapid improvements in asset reliability and performance”.

“Key for success is connecting data, systems and processes, enabling people throughout operations and maintenance to make, and act upon, decisions confidently. Scalability of predictive maintenance efforts for maximum return on investment will definitely be seen as a must have for many industries going forward”, continued Inderpreet Shoker, ARC Advisory Group.

AVEVA continues to deliver on market and customer requirements with a bring your own algorithm capability.  This enables data science teams to add their own artificial intelligence algorithms and intellectual property to the solution. Furthermore, deep integration with the AVEVA PI System ensures AVEVA’s customers are continuing to capture increased value from their existing industrial software investments.

Bleackley added: “This latest update demonstrates AVEVA’s continued leadership in creating innovative solutions that transform the global industrial analytics market.”

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