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AVEVA unveils key learnings from AVEVA 2023 Sustainability Progress Report

(L-R) Caspar Herzberg, CEO, AVEVA & Lisa Wee, Global Head of Sustainability, AVEVA. 

AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, launches AVEVA’s 2023 Sustainability Progress Report and the first edition of the AVEVA Industrial Intelligence Index at London Tech Week 2024 where the company advocates for ethical and impact-driven AI aimed at increasing creativity and efficiency for a more sustainable world.

AVEVA 2023 Sustainability Progress Report: key learnings

In 2023, AVEVA continued to make progress on its core ESG framework objectives, including enabling the sustainable transformation of industry through its software, modelling environmental stewardship and ethical best practices, and fostering an inclusive workplace culture where every employee feels engaged and empowered to learn and grow.

This fourth edition of the report is AVEVA’s first publication of ESG data and workstream advancements aligned to a calendar year reporting period. It details progress made in 2023 against AVEVA’s three key pillars: Technology handprint, Operational footprint, and Inclusive culture.

Technology handprint

“Beyond our efforts to reduce our own carbon footprint, we recognize that our biggest opportunity to make a positive impact and accelerate our journey towards Net Zero is through our core products, digital solutions that can help industries improve efficiency, circularity, traceability and resilience” shared Lisa Wee, Global Head of Sustainability, AVEVA.

In this regard, the company has developed a green new logo program that has supported in the first six months the deployment of clean tech activities for 25 customers. In addition, with 13 new case studies quantifying the reduction of emissions AVEVA software enables for customers, the company demonstrates how it walks the talk through tangible achievements contributing to sustainability. Last but not least, hackathons run in 2023 generated 80 sustainability-led technology ideas for future innovations.

2023 also saw the launch of AVEVA’s Sustainability Accelerator program to help advance sustainability use cases and capabilities across the company’s portfolio and partner ecosystem, including via AVEVA’s industrial intelligence platform, CONNECT.

“AVEVA’s Sustainability Accelerator program aims to enable faster uptake of existing sustainability solutions across the industrial landscape, while we continue to invest in product capabilities and partnerships that will push out the frontiers of sustainability innovation for industry”, said Joana Mainguy, Director of Sustainability in charge of the program.

Operational footprint

In 2023, AVEVA met 4 out of 15 2025 ESG targets including achieving a 93% reduction in scope 1 and scope 2 emissions through a combination of measures: the company procured 100% of renewable electricity in all global markets as per RE100 criteria, reduced its overall fleet by 21% over the year, with25% of the remaining fleet being hybrid or electric. Notable achievements related to upstream emissions include a 36% decrease in purchased goods and services and a 49% decrease in business travel emissions. The latter goes beyond AVEVA’s 2025 ESG goal of a 20% reduction and the company has launched an internal carbon budget to maintain this level of reduction where possible.

Also regarding scope 3, AVEVA has integrated e-waste data in the company’s emissions inventory under the waste category and R&D teams completed power bench testing for the most energy-intensive AVEVA products, allowing for more accurate emissions calculations.  AVEVA also made strides in advancing circularity across the business. “Our initial target of diverting 5 tons of e-waste from landfill in 2025 was surpassed by 22.75 tons in 2023. We are evaluating how best to build on this achievement to drive greater awareness and alignment with circular economy principles100% of e-waste sent to our disposal partner is now diverted from landfill”, explained Lisa Wee.

Inclusive culture

AVEVA’s commitment to developing a workplace environment where all employees feel included and are treated with dignity and respect is also highlighted in the report.

“Globally, with 39.9% of new hires, 29% of managers and 26.5% of leaders being women, AVEVA has significantly increased gender representation in 2023 and will continue initiatives to raise these numbers to 50% of new hires, 40% of managers and 30% of leaders by 2030.  We have also reached our goal of reducing the gender pay parity gap to less than 1% and are working enterprise-wide to maintain this progress”, commented Lisa Wee. In addition, AVEVA demonstrated its commitment to society donating £ 310,000 to causes supported by AVEVA employee communities around the world.

AVEVA also launched diversity initiatives in key regions: In the US, the company has developed a partnership with two Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) for an ‘AVEVA Scholars Program. Spanning three years, the program includes scholarships and immersive onsite experiences, ultimately paving the way for talented Black scholars in Engineering and Computer Science to join the AVEVA team upon graduation. The pilot will kick-off mid-June 2024 with 12 students.

AVEVA INDUSTRIAL INTELLIGENCE INDEX REPORT: A 2-in-1 publication to report on industrial needs and to give guidance on existing solutions through inspiring examples of successful and sustainable digital transformation:

At London Tech Week 2024, AVEVA launched its first annual AVEVA Industrial Intelligence Index:

“AVEVA has been supporting the industrial world for more than half a century. Listening to our customers’ needs and understanding their challenges is how we innovate and develop tailored solutions that will help them cope with current and future challenges. With more than 25 000 customers across all industries, we have built a unique expertise. Today I’m delighted to introduce our first AVEVA Industrial Intelligence Index Report. Our ambition is to issue this report every year to help C-suite executives, business unit leaders, and strategic decision-makers leverage industrial intelligence and succeed in the digital age, with inspiring insights about how industries transform towards a more sustainable future”, declared Caspar Herzberg, AVEVA CEO.

Drawing on research conducted with 500 global industry executives across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, this first edition gives valuable and actionable insights into the power, manufacturing, infrastructure, and chemicals industries. Including comments from AVEVA’s experts and leaders, the report unveils macro trends and describes the forces that drive change and innovation. It also presents case studies showcasing successful digitalisation initiatives, and strategies for driving innovation and efficiency to chart a course towards a more sustainable and profitable future.

Image Credit: AVEVA

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