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Banque Saudi Fransi partners with Kaspersky Lab

Ashraf Abdelazim, Kaspersky Lab

Banque Saudi Fransi has partnered with Kaspersky Lab to provide better protection to their online and mobile banking users and to raise the level of security awareness among its clients.

In line with its ‘Banque of Excellence’ strategy, Banque Saudi Fransi is offering the Kaspersky Total Security multi-device product to its online banking customers free of charge, as a proactive measure for protecting their personal devices from viruses and other malware infections. Customers can log in to their online banking account through FransiPlus, BSF online banking services, to get the product activation code which can be used to activate Kaspersky Total Security in three devices and is valid for 2 years.

The research from Kaspersky Lab and B2B International shows that two-thirds of Internet users worldwide (65 percent) are worried about online financial fraud, yet 11 percent of consumers use no security solution at all to protect themselves. Banque Saudi Fransi and Kaspersky Lab aim to lower the levels of financial cybercrime by informing users about the current and emerging threats, and to give advice on how to avoid financial cybersecurity risks.

“In line with the bank’s strategy, we are keen to deliver our customers and staff with a secure, safe and easy to use online experience. It will also benefit us by securing our online financial transactions, bringing us to the forefront of technological advancements in cybersecurity. We look forward to future collaborations with our partner Kaspersky Lab”, said Alrebdi Fahad Alrebdi, Chief Security Officer, Banque Saudi Fransi.

“The current realities are such that many people still do not have a security solution installed on their devices and do not know a lot about safe practices in cyberspace. For example, they can’t identify phishing messages or fake websites, which is leaving them vulnerable to a cyberattack. Together with Banque Saudi Fransi, we hope to improve this situation,” said Ashraf Abdelazim, В2В Business Development Director in the Middle East, Kaspersky Lab.

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