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BeyondTrust Password Safe Increases Business Continuity with Enhanced Password Management

Dubai, UAE, August 9, 2021: BeyondTrust, the worldwide leader in Privileged Access Management, has announced the release of BeyondTrust Password Safe 21.2 and BeyondInsight 21.2, with increased flexibility to manage privileged custom applications and previously unsupported systems. The new features and capabilities improve security and enable IT operations and security teams to intuitively manage privileged credentials using automation, saving time and removing complexity.

BeyondTrust Password Safe combines privileged password and session management to protect privileged credentials and safeguard access to critical assets. BeyondTrust Password Safe 21.2 extends flexibility and improves business continuity, enhancing an enterprise’s ability to predict, prevent and respond to ever-changing cyberthreats. Enhancements to custom platforms allow administrators to deliver password management via scripts, simplifying the extensibility of password management across a wider range of systems and applications. New Team Passwords capabilities enables multiple credential owners to share management for business-critical credentials.

Organisations are continuously looking for ways to streamline operations, by saving time and optimising resources. BeyondTrust Password Safe 21.2 extends automation to quickly and easily deliver privileged password management to business-critical systems.

BeyondInsight is BeyondTrust’s platform for centralised management, reporting, and threat analytics for Privilege Access Management (PAM). BeyondInsight 21.2 includes enhancements for periodic maintenance and discovery scans, as well as enhanced support for IBM QRadar. These, and other new features, simplify deployment, automate tasks, improve security, and reduce privilege-related risks.

Dan DeRosa, Chief Product Officer at BeyondTrust.

“Today’s continuously changing digital environment with expanding perimeters has resulted in unwieldy account sprawl”, states Dan DeRosa, Chief Product Officer at BeyondTrust. “To properly control this risk, organisations need flexible credential management that adapts to their evolving needs. BeyondTrust Password Safe helps IT teams flexibly integrate custom applications. This saves time and reduces the potential for human error by leveraging automation, enabling organisational productivity and resilience”.

BeyondTrust Password Safe combines privileged password and session management for complete control and accountability over privileged accounts. BeyondInsight uses a discovery engine that scans, identifies, and profiles all assets. This categorisation allows automated onboarding, and the ability for access policies to self-adjust according to environmental changes. Smart Rules automation intelligently organises assets and accounts, to reduce manual effort and improve productivity.

BeyondTrust Password Safe 21.2 and BeyondInsight 21.2 new features and enhancements:

  • Enables management of privileged accounts for previously unsupported systems and applications using scripts
  • Enhances Team Passwords functionality to allow the addition of multiple credential owners and full group ownership, and enables multiple credential owners via an API
  • Provides native support for integrating BeyondTrust Secure Remote Access solutions
  • Supports remote application isolation, user portal updates and platform updates – including Oracle containers, open SSH key types, and enhanced Jira integrations
  • Supports more options for scheduling periodic maintenance, expansion of support for custom ports during discovery scans, and enhanced support for IBM QRadar Connector

To learn more about Password Safe 21.2, or view a demo, visit:

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