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GCC nations among most vulnerable to cyber-attacks globally

The UAE and Kuwait were found to be among the most vulnerable in a Trend Micro report analysing worldwide threats.
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Big Data Symposium date set

CNME has announced that it will be hosting the Middle East’s first event dedicated entirely to big data.

The event, entitled the Big Data Symposium, will be held on May 20, 2013, at the Habtoor Grand Hotel in Dubai, UAE.

Talk about big data has reached almost hysterical levels, and businesses are feeling more pressured than ever to involve themselves in this colossal movement. But, despite all this, you would be forgiven for asking – what actually is it?

We know that it refers to the explosion of data – both structured and unstructured – and how businesses should be collecting and organising that information. However, the clear fact is that CIOs really don’t understand exactly what they need big data for, and how to leverage it. Big data remains a hyped technology in a mist of confusion and misinformation.

That’s where the Big Data Symposium comes in. The event will be the first time in the Middle East that an event has been organised with the sole purpose of bringing CIOs and senior IT executives together with leading experts to understand exactly what big data can do for their organisations.

The official agenda will be released later this week, while registrations for this event are already open. Registration is free, so to complete a form, simply head to this link.

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