BlackBerry tops the class for UAE students

BlackBerry tops the bill for students in the UAE, according to a new survey by Axiom Telecom.

An extensive and varied sample of university-goers within the area were quizzed on their smartphone purchasing habits, with 65% revealing that they opted for a BlackBerry device in the past year. 16% chose Apple, while 11% turned to Nokia for their mobility needs.

Bold 9900 proved the most popular device (22.58%), followed by Bold 9790 (19.35%) and Torch 9860(12.90%).

67.1% claimed BlackBerry was top of the class for its instant messaging capabilities, 58.38% hailed its good looks, 52.79% found its pricing agreeable and 52.28% emphasised the brand’s “cool” factor.

There was good news for Axiom Telecom too, as 85% of respondents stated they preferred the retailer for their mobility shopping excursions. Key reasons for doing so included the retailer’s bundle offers (44%), pricing (41%), after sales service and support (33%), its ability to offer the latest products (27%) and its conveniently placed locations (22%).

“The findings are extremely encouraging for both BlackBerry and Axiom Telecom,” said Faisal Al Bannai, CEO, Axiom Telecom.

Another of the survey’s key observations was the fact that 88% purchased mobile phone in the past year. Looking ahead, 44% are expected to replace their device within the next six months and 29% within the next six to 12 months. 5% aim to stick with their smartphones for the foreseeable future.

But while BlackBerry is set retain its dominance among those looking for new device – 46% voted RIM for their next purchase – the gap is closing; 39% have their heart set on Apple.

Topping the smartphone wish-list are BlackBerry’s next Bold incarnation (26%) and Apple’s iPhone5 (24%).

“UAE students are among the most connected in the world and it seems that, at least of the time being, BlackBerry it ticking all the right boxes on campus. Axiom Telecom is also delighted to be singled out as their retailer, and we intend to keep it that way by bringing in the devices people want ahead of the competition, as well as refining our extensive value-added services, whether it in-store, on-line or via phone,” said Al bannai.

2,000-strong Axiom Telecom is the Middle East’s largest mobile retailer, currently boasting a portfolio of 575 retail points and reaches over 3,742 points of sale across the region.

In addition to a growing reputation for debuting technology ahead of the competition, Axiom Telecom stands out for a host of customer service innovations such as a 60-second data transfer, 1 hour express repair, a pick-up and delivery service for repairs, stand-by phones during the repair period, and a 2-year warranty on select brands.

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