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Microsoft to build duo of UAE data centres

0 27Microsoft has announced plans to build its first Middle East and North Africa data centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
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Cisco announces security service, operations centres venture

ethernetcable_fangs-578-80Cisco has announced Managed Threat Defense, a set of security services for the enterprise that it is providing through two new operations centres to remotely support intrusion-detection, incident response and forensics, among other services.

Managed Threat Defense requires the enterprise to deploy an appliance on its internal network so that telemetry information can be collected and securely shared with Cisco staff involved in analytics at the two new operations centres, one based in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina’s Raleigh-Durham area and the other in Sydney. The Cisco appliance for Managed Threat Defense includes a number of Cisco security capabilities, such as Cisco Advanced Threat Detection based in its anti-malware FireAMP technology gained in the Sourcefire acquisition.

According to Bryan Palma, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Services Security Practice, Cisco, the idea is that the important corporate information that the enterprise wants to protect doesn’t ever leave the customer’s network.

Staff at the Cisco SOCs remotely monitor round-for-clock for cyberattacks using analytics and anomaly detection and at that point, immediately begin to work with the customer to tackle any problems. The focus is on malware-related incidents and advanced persistent threats where stealthy attackers might try to exfiltrate critical information from the enterprise, Palma said. If an investigation and forensics are needed, Cisco’s Managed Threat Defense would undertake that as well.

Although the Cisco 24×7 managed security service is just getting started, IDC analyst Christina Richmond said Cisco’s approach is putting forward a comprehensive strategy for defending against advanced threats. “Cisco customers have been asking for this from them,” said Richmond.

One question, though, is how this might impact how Cisco sells its standalone security products since Cisco Managed Threat Defense consists of “an integrated bundle of components,” as Palma described it. That remains unknown, but Palma notes that the type of customers likely to have the most interest in Cisco Managed Threat Defense are large enterprises. Though costs for the monthly service provided through the Cisco SOCs will vary based on each customer’s needs, it’s likely to start in the $100,000 per year range with multi-year contracts. General availability of it is expected within the next 60 days.

Another question is how well Cisco’s managed security service will be able to work in networks that are not based entirely on Cisco network and security products. Palma said Cisco anticipates there will be a need “to support telemetry from non-Cisco sources.”


Originally published on Network World (US). Click here to read the original story. Reprinted with permission from IDG.net. Story copyright 2018 International Data Group. All rights reserved.
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