DED cracks down on website offering unauthorised services

The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in Dubai Economy has reportedly reprimanded a website for offered specialised courses without license.

Mahir Al Marzouki, DED

The unauthorised website was monitored and penalised by the Electronic Compliance section in CCCP as part of the efforts to streamline and regulate e-commerce through protecting the rights of vendors as well as consumers and ensuring transparency and competitiveness across business activities in Dubai.

In addition to the fine for violation CCCP has asked the website to remove all its content with immediate effect. The hotel that hosted the course programme without verifying the authenticity of the website or its capability to conduct the programme was also fined by Dubai Economy for violating commercial rules and regulations.

Mahir Al Marzouki, Head of Electronic Compliance section, said, “The website had invited individuals and companies to attend various specialized courses and offered to provide certificates for the same too. Our investigation showed that not only that the website was unauthorised but also that the certificates were unaccredited and the lecturer was not qualified to conduct the course.”

Al-Marzouqi added the closure of the website meant suspension of around 600 courses that the website was planning to roll out. With five slots in each course the total fees collected would have been no less than AED 33 million.  “We have managed to protect thousands of consumers, enhancing Dubai’s reputation as a safe destination for purchasing goods as well as services.”

Al-Marzouqi said it’s the responsibility of hotels hosting any such programme to ensure that the organiser is licensed and qualified for the activity.

“The Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection sector handles complaints relating to e-procurement and websites with the same importance seriousness we accord to issues linked to conventional business activities. Websites and service providers soliciting business in Dubai should provide contact numbers that consumers can use to file complaints or report issues. Consumers can also contact us on the Ahlan Dubai number 600 54 5555 for complaints and enquiries,” he added.

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