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Dell fuels Esports engagement in the Middle East

Dell has unveiled a new gaming online hub titled ‘Ready to Game ME’ continuing its commitment to provide the ultimate gaming experience for everyone.

With PC gaming’s explosion in popularity driving cut throat innovation and competition, Ready to Game ME is designed as a gaming community to engage with players and fans across the Middle East region, said Dell.

The online hub can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime to find the latest news on gaming technology and titles as well as exchange information on gaming events from across the world.

Keeping this in mind and as a leader in the gaming industry for more than 20 years with the Alienware brand, Dell has leveraged its expertise in this sector to develop Ready to Game ME.

This campaign reflects its commitment to increase investments, and offerings to gamers – which is central to Dell’s ambitious vision to be the first to bring customer-centric technology to its fan community and take innovation risks that ultimately result in market-leading products.

Haidi Nossair, Dell Technologies
Haidi Nossair, Dell Technologies

“We pride ourselves on consistently introducing new advancements and bringing the latest innovation in gaming to our users,” said Haidi Nossair, Marketing Director, Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Dell EMC.

“Community has been an important focal point for us and we’ve carried that through to today. Since esports in the region remains largely untapped and is relatively in its infancy in comparison to mainstream sports, we aim to bridge this gap and raise the bar with Ready to Game ME. We have designed Ready to Game ME as a resourceful program for gamers. The programs, information and features offered by this hub aim at engaging Middle East regional gamers with information on activities in the industry happening on a global scale, thus, facilitating the growth and transformation of the thriving gaming and esports community in the Middle East.”

Ready to Game ME functions as a one-stop portal that fosters positive interactions among gamers of all levels across the region, serves as a rich source of information related to the best possible gaming experiences and global competitions available, especially in esports. Adding more depth to user experience, the website presents an array of different personas to debunk stereotypical associations with the industry and help gamers personalise their online experience.

Taking the engagement level one step further, Dell also announced the Battle of Cafes DOTA 2 Middle East Gaming Championship. Facilitated by Ready to Game ME, this championship will witness regional gaming teams battle it out on the DOTA 2 discipline in LAN format for the title and a prize pool of $10,000. To participate all interested gaming teams can visit Ready to Game ME to register.


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