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Dell Technologies announces Concept Luna in collaboration with Intel

Dubai, UAE, 22 December, 2021: Dell Technologies has announced the arrival of Concept Luna, the first prototype for a parallel innovation work-stream to accelerate circular design of Dell’s products. With growing concerns about the climate crisis, e-waste and resource constraints, Dell explored how it could push reuse to the limit and dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of its products. A proof-of-concept developed in collaboration with Intel, Concept Luna explores revolutionary design ideas to make components immediately accessible, replaceable and reusable—reducing resource use and keeping even more circular materials in the economy.

Concept Luna was created to test what could be possible, not to be manufactured and sold. But if all the design ideas in Concept Luna were realised, it could result in an estimated 50% reduction in overall product carbon footprint.

The commitments Dell has made to deliver positive environmental impact span decades, and its ambitious goals to accelerate the circular economy and achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions have never been more mission critical. The company’s current circular design practices continue to drive leadership across its product portfolio in pursuit of these goals. In the last year alone, Dell introduced closed-loop aluminium from out of use hard drives, bioplastics made from tree waste in the paper making process, and scaled its use of reclaimed carbon fibre to over 1.2 million pounds.

Key highlights of Concept Luna include the below:

  • A reduced product carbon footprint: new ways to increase energy efficiency, deliver better power and cooling and experimented with materials that have a smaller carbon footprint to help deliver a more decarbonised device.
  • A future vision of reuse, repair and recreating: move from use, then recycle – to use, reuse multiple times and then recycle when the material is no longer usable in its original form. This iteration of Concept Luna does just that. It shows a vision for what could be.

Concept Luna is a strong example of how Dell is exploring new ways to dramatically accelerate progress against its goals. Proving what might be possible is only the first step; the next is to take these innovative sustainable design ideas and evaluate which have the greatest potential to scale across the product portfolio. Concept Luna and future iterations will build on the existing circular economy leadership across Dell’s product portfolio to examine, re-examine and reconsider every step of the product lifecycle and deliver even more sustainable products in the future.

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