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HYKE expands client portfolio within a quarter of commencing business

Businesses saw massive digital transformations in 2020 owing to a combination of the continually increasing adoption of digital solutions across the globe and the effects of the pandemic that rendered a majority of corporate employees, business owners, and education professionals working from home. This resulted in a considerable shift in the demand for efficiency in supply chain and market response. HYKE, a fast-growing digital distribution platform that was launched in the last quarter of 2020 to remove any friction occurring between the manufacturers and the retailers, has expanded its client portfolio extensively within just one quarter of commencing business.

Providing instrumental assistance, HYKE brings extensive market research, real-time data visibility, and communication efficiency to manufacturers, retailers, and distributors to connect all B2B parties seamlessly. HYKE is essentially a seamless and straightforward app-based platform designed to provide the relevant technology, supply chain infrastructure and market reach to its users in a few easy clicks or taps. It has something for everyone, creating a proper channel that puts all stakeholders in an advantageous position across UAE and KSA. With over 6000 stores and more than 8000 in-store staff from the retailers’ side already, HYKE provides a massive advantage to any supplier joining who can have full connection access to this retailer base.

In Saudi Arabia, HYKE is working with reputable telecom organizations, Zain Telecom and STC, wherein they provide HYKE with the stock for distributing the smartphones to its retailers situated across the country. HYKE has also got widely popular smartphone brands, Oppo and Realme on board in the kingdom. In the UAE, HYKE has added major e-commerce portals, Merlin and Task to its portfolio. Internationally leading smartphone brands that HYKE has brought on board in the country through these partnerships are Xiaomi, One Plus, and Red Magic.  In the MENA region, HYKE has signed on some leading distributors like Sunstrike International and Blooms to strengthen the channel.

 “We’re the leading distributors for mobile phones and gaming devices in the MENA region. We believe in providing our customers with the best mobile phones for years to come, through quality of sales and after sales. We’re excited to announce our partnership with HYKE to help further our vision, growth and after sales. With this collaboration, we hope to bring seamless, and prompt sales of devices like the popular Red Magic smartphone and many others to many retailers around the region.” said Mohamed Fazwi, CEO, Blooms Group.

With HYKE, manufacturers get a bird’s eye view on the entire value chain, real-time visibility on sales, inventory, and market demand credit to retailers, assistance to maintain the same quality of operations and data access across all markets. Distributors have access to full market reach, real-time data visibility, last-mile credit, operational efficiency, lower cost and investment along with an increased focus in high-margin categories supported by efficient communication and real-time market response.

“We at Sunstrike International are delighted to be working with HYKE to enhance and optimise the supply chain for mobile devices and gaming consoles across the region which is resulting in increased profitability for customers and partners.” said Parm Dhillon of leading worldwide distributor of mobile devices and gaming consoles, Sunstrike International.

On the other hand, retailers have access to a one-stop window to all suppliers and categories, simple processes to order, engage, communicate, and pay without any interference, and also last-mile credit. HYKE is on its mission to build the most robust and effective digital distribution experience for its users by continuously designing and deploying tools that aid productive transformation.

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