Dubai Municipality deploys smart waste containers in key areas

The Dubai Municipality has rolled out 100 smart containers for waste storage along Sheikh Zayed Road from Dubai World Trade Center roundabout to the first Interchange linking the bridge on Safa Street and Financial Center Street.Dubai Municipality deploys smart waste containers in key areas

The project is being led by the Waste Management Department the municipality and is part of the Dubai government’s plan to transform the emirate into the world’s first smart city and to complete the modernization and development of all waste storage systems in emirate in line with state-of-the-art technology solutions and the finest clean technologies.

Eng. Abdulmajeed Saifaie, Director of Waste Management Department and Head of the Sustainable Waste Management Awareness Team at Dubai Municipality, said that the distribution of new waste storage containers comes in line with the most successful international standards in the field of improving public cleanliness in the emirate.

“The smart containers are designed to the highest and the best quality standards approved in the field. They are solar powered and equipped with electronic devices and high-precision sensors to monitor and measure the level of waste.”

The container can also send reports, once it’s full, by sending an instant signal to the control centre to carry out the unloading when needed. The containers also contain two separate openings, one for general waste and the other for recyclable materials such as glass, packaging, plastic, paper and more.

On the expected positive results, he explained that the use of these containers has several environmental benefits, including reducing carbon footprint and improving environmental impact.

“It helps to reduce harmful carbon emissions and rationalise the consumption of electric power as the containers depend on 100 percent on solar energy for their operation. The solar cells extend over an area of 1 square meter, improving the operational efficiency of waste collection, storage and transport services by 80 percent, enhancing the optimal use of resources and efficiency of field performance in various areas of the emirate of Dubai,” said Saifaie.

As for the technical specifications and advantages of these containers, he said that they have been equipped with intelligent techniques for the authorities to monitor the geographical distribution, storage and operation of waste storage means in the Emirate of Dubai.

Saifaie pointed out that the automatic waste compression feature available in the container will increase the capacity of the container, which is about eight times greater than the regular containers distributed in the city with a capacity of 85 liters, thus reducing the number of reports and complaints about the accumulation of waste in the public streets.

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