EMC supports the Egyptian Food Bank’s fight against hunger

As part of its community involvement efforts through non-profit organisations around the world, EMC recently announced that the company has embarked on an initiative with the Egyptian Food Bank (EFB), a non-profit organisation dedicated to fighting hunger by providing different feeding, development, awareness and educational programs.

According to EMC, the initiative comprises a financial donation, volunteer work as well as the sponsorship of a cross continental journey of one of EMC’s Dubai-based employees, Farooq Husain, in an effort to raise awareness about EFB’s noble efforts, with a special focus on the School Feeding Program.

EMC’s community involvement focuses on education that contributes to the development of future local talents. EMC’s support to EFB’s School Feeding Program is a natural progression of the company’s efforts to accelerate the development of children from low-income families, enhance their learning experience and motivate them to continue their education.

“Our support of the EFB program is in line with EMC’s commitment to corporate social responsibility in the Middle East. We are particularly proud of our employees’ commitment to such social causes and will continue to cultivate a giving and selfless spirit amongst our employees in the region,” said Mohammad Amin, senior VP and regional manager, EMC Turkey, Emerging Africa and Middle East Region.

Moez El Shohdi, CEO, Egyptian Food Bank (EFB) said, “We are pleased to see that multinational organisations such as EMC are actively supporting worthy humanitarian causes in the markets in which they operate. The objective of our School Feeding Program is not only to feed students but to also create health awareness, job opportunities for the children’s parents, and support that can help enhance family living standards.”

Husain, an HR professional for EMC’s Turkey, Emerging Africa, and Middle East region, has been with EMC for over two years and has been biking for over twelve years. Farooq embarked on his 8,000 KM motorcycle trip on the 1st of July from Dubai. He’ll travel through Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, and France and is expected to finish in the United Kingdom on July 15. The journey will showcase the efforts of EFB to people across nine countries, thereby bringing the cause to the attention of international audiences.


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