Enterprises to buy more Apple Macs and iPads in 2012

Enterprises buying Apple Macs and iPads will increase by 58% in 2012, an analyst with Forrester Research said yesterday.

Corporations will spend an estimated $19 billion on Apple computers and tablets in 2012, and $28 billion in 2013, Andrew Bartels predicted.

This will contribute to closing the gap in the enterprise market which is dominated by Windows, which will sell $69 billion this year, the research stated.

“The biggest disruptive force in the computer equipment market is Apple,” Bartels said in a recent report. “Its rapid growth in the corporate market has been the big surprise of 2011, and it will be even more of a factor in 2012.”

Bartels estimated Apple’s 2011 sales to enterprises at $12 billion, split evenly between Macs and iPads. Figures are estimates because Apple does not break out sales to business in its earnings statements.

“The Apple assault on the corporate market has so far taken place without much formal Apple support, and probably without Apple itself understanding its full extent,” Bartels added.

Bartels attributed the change to new Apple CEO Tim Cook.

“Tim Cook is much more attuned to the corporate market than Steve Jobs was,” Bartels said. “But Cook could be a difference maker.”

Bartels cited several moves Apple has made to accommodate enterprises, including creating a corporate sales team and offering volume discounts on iPads.

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