Staff threaten to jump off building in compensation dispute

Staff at Foxconn Technology Group, who manufactures electronics for Apple, Hewlett-Packard and Dell, threatened to jump off a building if the company did not meet their compensation demands.

Foxconn confirmed on Wednesday that about 150 employees staged the incident at the company’s Wuhan campus in China on January 4.

Pictures of the protest were circulated by Chinese media showing a large crowd of workers gathered on top of the roof of a building with fire trucks parked below.

“The incident was successfully and peacefully resolved later that morning after discussions between the workers, local Foxconn officials and representatives from the local government,” the company said.

The dispute occurred after workers were told they would be transferred to another business unit due to a shift in production lines, according to Foxconn.

Working conditions at Foxconn’s factories in China were publicly revealed in 2010 when a string of suicides occurred at the factories including employees jumping off buildings.

Foxconn did not state what specifically it manufactures at its Wuhan campus.

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