Ericsson launches global advertising solution

Ericsson has launched Ericsson Emodo, a new data management and advertising solution that provides high-quality audiences at scale to advertisers, brands and publishers.

With more than 1.3 billion user profiles in its Data Management Platform, Ericsson Emodo allows advertisers to leverage their existing workflows and reach out to audiences in an efficient, privacy-compliant manner while creating a positive user experience. The solution harnesses the power of Ericsson’s customer base of global network operators to create a secure, anonymized, privacy-by-design database of carrier-derived data enhanced with other quality datasets.

Commercially availabile today, customers can immediately start to leverage Ericsson Emodo to tap into the entire programmatic ecosystem.

Paul Cheng, General Manager, Ericsson Emodo, says: “In today’s new digital world, effective advertising requires four dimensions: high-quality data, audience scale, audience addressability, and a positive user experience. Companies with closed platforms that have all these dimensions have dominated over traditional media and publishers, capturing almost 100 percent of new digital advertising spend over the last few years. Ericsson Emodo empowers everyone in the ecosystem with similar capabilities, allowing traditional publishers to compete once again and advertisers to reach their audiences anywhere.”


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