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Everdome Appoints Jeremy Lopez as CEO

Everdome, the hyper-realistic metaverse concept, appoints Jeremy Lopez as CEO, who aims to expand the company with a focus on transparency and community engagement.

Everdome Sets Sights on Growth Phase

Everdome is stepping into its ‘growth phase’ with the appointment of Jeremy Lopez as the new CEO. Lopez previously served as the Chief Operating Officer and has extensive experience in scaling digital startups, drawing upon his knowledge from his tenure at Codewise where he worked alongside outgoing CEO Rob Gryn.

With an emphasis on transparency and proactive communication, Lopez aims to build upon Gryn’s concept and expand Everdome further. He believes the community is central to the vision of the metaverse and will focus on engaging them to remain a vital driver for Everdome’s future.

“As the new CEO, I take pride in continuing to build upon Rob’s concept and further expanding Everdome into a product that will serve our community and our partners in the ever-changing Web3 environment”, Lopes stated.

Under Lopez’s strategic leadership, Everdome will continue to pursue its vision to become a premier metaverse destination and experience, with an emphasis on product development, revenue-generating fundamentals, scalability and growth. Lopez’s work to date has significantly boosted the project’s progress, including key partnerships with OKX and Alfa Romeo F1® Team.

The future looks bright for Everdome, with new partnership announcements, a Mars landing event, and full NFT holder access coming soon. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to get to know Everdome’s new CEO and exciting news about growth, partnerships, and product releases.

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