Evolve 2018: fast-track your business transformation

Is digital transformation a priority for your business in 2018? Are your employees in touch with emerging technologies, and are they aware of the opportunities these can present for your business growth? Can you be sure that your IT systems are protected in the most efficient and secure way possible?

Evolve - Digital Transformation Forum

The second edition of the Evolve Forum will shed light on strategies needed for regional businesses to map out their transformation journey and how to embrace digital through the right vision and leadership.

Digital transformation, as a theme, will take centre stage at the Forum, as we delve into the methodology enterprises can use to transform and create new business models and culture through the use of emerging technologies.

Research shows that businesses which have succeeded in delivering a fundamental transformation of their activities through technology benefit from a significantly better financial performance than their peers.

IDC predicts that by the end of 2019, spending on digital transformation will reach $1.7 trillion worldwide, while 60 percent of all enterprises will have fully articulated an organisation-wide digital platform strategy, and will be in the process of implementing it, by 2020.’s Evolve Forum will bring together more than 250 business owners from the public and private sectors, who will share their journey on how technology allowed them to transform their business.

Three panel discussions will home in on the steps organisations must take in order to successfully transition into the new digital era. Session one, titled ‘Starting your business transformation journey’ will identify the business risks and opportunities organisations can expect to face in this new era, while also discovering how to transform your business to stay agile, counter costs, improve productivity, create more efficient workflows and improve ways of interacting with customers.

Session two, ‘Evolving your business in the digital era,’ will hear from industry experts who have already begun this journey and have embraced innovative technologies, enabling you to understand ways to leverage them for your business. Find out how to modernise your business and use disruptive technologies to stay relevant and resilient to capitalise on opportunities for growth.

The final session, titled ‘Managing data and security risks in your business,’ will analyse practical frameworks and tools to deal with data protection and security, and examine the best practises in protecting the future of your business.

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