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Gunnebo showcases security solutions at Intersec

Jacob Touma, Gunnebo

Gunnebo, a global provider of security products, services and solutions, is showcasing its full portfolio of security offerings at this year’s Intersec, being held at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The company’s stand highlights its full offering in the fields of entrance security, electronic security, perimeter protection, safes and vaults; and cash management. “It gives visitors a 360-degree experience of how Gunnebo can provide various security solutions, starting with the perimeter protection from the outside; and moving inside, visitors can experience entrance and access control as well as anti-blast, anti-bullet and anti-vandalism solutions,” said Jacob Touma, Regional Manager, Gunnebo, Middle East. “Our boarding control solutions as well as cash management and valuables storage solutions for stores, banks and businesses, are also on display as well as Gunnebo’s total electronic security solution.”

As the IT space continues to evolve the lines between the digital and physical environments become thinner making both more vulnerable to threats than ever. “When it comes to security, it’s not enough to focus on just one aspect. Security should always be a priority for businesses of all shapes and sizes, therefore, they must keep in mind that equal attention should be given to both their cyber and physical infrastructures. With everything today being interconnected, organisations should make certain that all endpoints within the business are secure.”

Touma also highlighted that the banking and finance industries are among the areas that they are strongly focusing on in offering their solutions. “Apart from providing companies in this space with innovation like secure valuables storage and safes and vaults solutions, we also have the Gunnebo Case Management solution,” he said. “This offering has been introduced by our strategic partner Transguard here in the UAE and enables seamless transactions between banks and retailers.”

Despite the significant growth in online banking in the UAE as well as broader and more efficient connectivity, cash still remains the most widely accepted form of payment. However, as ironic as it sounds, handling cash costs money. “The cost of handling cash is estimated to be the equivalent of up to two percent of GDP, so based on that the UAE could make significant savings by adopting the latest smart solutions. This will also enable businesses to minimise or even eliminate shrinkage in the cash flow due to miscounting or mishandling of cash.”

Moving forward Touma underlined that Gunnebo will focus on extending its offerings to organisations in other parts of the region. “Our cash management solution has seen tremendous success here in the UAE with customers like du, Etisalat, Dubai Parks and Recreation, and Landmark Group adopting it. We hope to have the same kind of success in other countries across the Middle East.”



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