Hala reinforces its commitment to a ‘people-first culture’ with new digital wallet

Hala, Dubai’s most convenient e-hailing taxi solution, has introduced the Careem Pay digital wallet for its fleet of ride-hailing Captains, to aid quicker and more frequent payments of tips and bonuses.

The digital wallet, available on the Careem app, will be rolled out in a phased approach, allowing Captains to receive payments up to twice a week directly to their Careem Pay wallets.

Hala continuously looks for ways to add value to better the lives of its Captains, Communities, and Customers. Before the introduction of Careem Pay, Hala Captains received their tips and bonuses monthly.

With the new service, Captains are able to receive remuneration nearly every three days, enabling them to pay bills, recharge their mobile plans, or transfer money directly in-app to any bank account.

The platform also allows for international money transfers with a click of a button at preferential exchange rates and without any fee. Currently, Captains can remit money to Pakistan, serving approximately 70% of the entire Captains’ community, with more countries lined up for this service soon.

Khaled Nuseibeh, Chief Executive Officer at Hala commented: “At Hala, we are deeply committed to the wellbeing of our Captains as we work to build a people-first culture. We have thus decided to launch this initiative for Captains to be able to receive remuneration more frequently and with ease. We are working with our partners to further expand the countries of remit to ensure we are catering to everyone equally.”

Hala has onboarded the payment solution for 14,000 Captains and aims to open access to approximately 17,000 captains by the end of July 2023.

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