Huawei unveils new Honor 6 Plus

Honor 6 Launch - Mr. Sun Baigong, Head of Online Sales, Huawei Middle East
Mr. Sun Baigong, Head of Online Sales, Huawei Middle East

Honor, in partnership with, has unveiled the new Honor 6 Plus in the Middle East. The new smartphone by Huawei will be sold exclusively on, and will be available from 18th May at a price of AED 1,399.

The e-commerce only Honor brand, owned by Huawei, is only one year old and has already taken the world by storm. In 2014, Honor’s global revenue growth increased 24 times over as it entered 57 global markets in only six months. 20 million units were sold, which led to a total sales revenue of 2.4 billion USD. Now, Honor is the leading e-commerce smartphone brand.

Honor 6 Plus is the latest phone from the brand to hit the Middle East and is equipped with a swathe of superior features.

The new smartphone by Huawei features a bionic parallel and dual rear camera with super max aperture. The Honor 6 Plus is the first smartphone device to feature a dual rear camera, meaning the CCD and light capturing is doubled. The camera is able to focus within 0.1 seconds and take panoramic images, recording all depth of field information.

Honor 6 LaunchThe super max aperture is adjustable from F.095 to F16, and adds an SLR camera quality virtual background effect to pictures. Because the camera records all depth of field information, the aperture and depth of field can be easily adjusted before and after taking images.

The device also has a super night mode which applies a proprietary multi-frame timing synthesis algorithm, and supports intelligent computing or manually set a long exposure time, which can capture details that can be missed by the human eyes.

The phone boasts a 5.5 inches negative JDI screen. The 1500 to 1 ultra-high contrast screen has 85 percent colour saturation, which is 20 percent higher than a normal smartphone. The user can therefore experience images on their phone in full vivid color on a bright screen, even in bright daylight.

The new device also boasts super-fast charge and a superior battery life and screen to body ratio of 72.8 percent, the Honor 6 Plus is able to sport a much sleeker and compact design than other devices of the same screen size.

“Honor is a sub brand of Huawei, focusing the generation of the promising internet youth” says Mr. Sun Baigong, the head of online sales in consumer BG, Huawei Middle East. “’Honor’ emphasises the connection between the brand spirit and users, leverages the high quality and price, mainly focusses on Internet users, and sells mainly through e-commerce platforms.  We believe in digital, that’s why we are partnering with the biggest e-commerce platform in the region, shares Honor’s vision to bring more people to enjoy the wonderful connected digital world.”

“We’re excited to be partnering with Huawei to bring what is probably one of the most exciting smartphone brands for the young generation to this region.” Says Ronaldo Mouchawar, CEO & Co-Founder of “We have seen a huge appetite for high-tech, moderately priced smartphones on, especially in KSA and UAE where we can sell tens of thousands of devices in a single day for a big launch. And this is our biggest, so we have very high expectations for its reception and success in this market.”


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