IDC: EMC’s solutions save businesses $3million per year

emcIDC have released the results of a study which says that EMC’s backup and recovery solutions are measurably improving businesses.

The whitepaper – “Generating Proven Business Value with EMC Backup and Recovery Solutions: An ROI Assessment for the Middle East and Turkey”  is based on responses from nine companies across the Middle East and Turkey region that had deployed EMC backup and recovery solutions.

According to the survey, EMC customers were able to see a 454% ROI and payback for the solutions in less than 5 months.

 The report also shows a 75% reduction in time spent for IT to manage backup and recovery and a notable 88% reduction in restore times from nearly 9 hours down to one hour on average.

Fady Richmany, Senior Regional Director, EMC Backup Recovery Systems Division,  Turkey, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Middle East, said, “In a region where governance requirements and business continuity are prioritised by IT and business leaders, we’re seeing a greater need for organisations to have an advanced backup and recovery strategy in place. While the natural reaction in a time of economic uncertainly is to cut spending, this study shows that next generation back recovery is a wise investment to ensure that organisations’ critical assets – data and applications – are protected and quickly recoverable.

“Responses from nine prominent enterprises representing key verticals like Telecom, Banking and Finance with combinations of EMC backup and recovery solutions helped IDC establish a clear business value behind backup and recovery deployments by highlighting a quick payback period and massive performance enhancements as well as a combined annual savings of approximately USD 3 million.”

According to analysts, the customers interviewed experienced a total average annual savings of over $2.9 million from backup transformation, including a combination of hard and soft costs.

Nearly 58% of this savings came from money saved resulting from eliminating old tape libraries and improving storage efficiency through deduplication.

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