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Imdaad enlists Microsoft for smarter facilities

Arif Alyedaiwi, director of IT and procurement, Imdaad facilities

Microsoft has announced that Dubai-based integrated facilities Management firm Imdaad has adopted its cloud and productivity solutions.

The move has “revolutionised” Imdaad’s operations by improving efficiency, enhancing security and reducing overall IT costs, empowering the firm to achieve more.

Battling with security issues, limited IT for its workforce, and a plethora of paper-based processes were slowing the fast-growing company down.

Imdaad’s digital transformation journey to empower employees and optimise its operations began with the implementation of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft StaffHub, a cloud-based business collaboration app designed for the mobile workforce.

“As part of our vision for digital transformation, we have replaced paper with an inclusive, cross-Imdaad, new way of working together,” said Arif Alyedaiwi, director of IT and procurement, Imdaad facilities. “By extending IT to every member of the team – whether frontline deskless staffers, cleaners or helpers on the trucks assisting clients on-site – we are able to engage with everyone in the company, who now all have an Imdaad digital identity.”

Imdaad’s StaffHub deployment involved moving its existing 600-user mailboxes of the company’s senior staff to the cloud and adding 4,000 more. Driven by the ‘intelligent cloud and the intelligent edge’ to empower workforces, the StaffHub mobile-app allows in-the-field employees to manage schedules, check their emails, apply for leave, obtain salary slips, and gain access to company announcements and the corporate portal.

Another part of Imdaad’s business strategy was to lift the heavy workload from its internal IT staff to a cloud provider. With the StaffHub solution, technology professionals within the company have been freed of the burden of core tasks and processes, and can now concentrate on streamlining those processes and adding innovative value to the business.

“The reduction in IT workload and costs by going to the cloud has been quite significant,” Alyedaiwi added. “This also has a direct link to our capability to win business, as the reduction in costs represents expenditure we no longer need to carry. Combined with the move to paperless working, which gives us the flexibility to organise ourselves very quickly for any new opportunity, we expect to now win contracts we would have probably not been considered for previously.”

Since the implementation of Microsoft Office 365 and StaffHub solution, Imdaad has seen measurable improvements in its business. Employee satisfaction rates have gone up from 50 percent to 80 percent, while productivity and efficiency metrics have also increased.

“Technology is increasingly providing a competitive advantage to organisations looking to thrive in the digital economy, drive change and unlock new business opportunities,” said Ibrahim Youssry, head of public sector, Microsoft Gulf. “Imdaad’s journey of digital transformation is a remarkable example of how it is leveraging Microsoft innovations and solutions to create entirely new ways of working together – engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations and transform its services.”

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