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Intel Security study reveals latest infrastructure cyber-security challenges

Hamed Diab, MENA Regional Director, Intel Security

According to a recent survey released by Intel Security and The Aspen Institute, Information technology (IT) executives within critical infrastructure organisations see a need for public-private threat intelligence sharing partnerships (86 percent of respondents) to keep pace with escalating cybersecurity threats.

Hamed Diab, MENA Regional Director, Intel Security, said, “With new breaches announced regularly, the current security reality is that organizations are struggling for answers. It’s time for public and private intrests to join together to enhance cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection.”

A majority or 76 percent of survey respondents also indicated they believe a national defense force should respond when a cyber attack damages a critical infastructure company within national borders. Additionally, although most respondents agree that threats to their organisations are on the rise, they maintain a high degree of confidence in existing security.

The survey entitled Holding the Line Against Cyber Threats: Critical Infrastructure Readiness Survey, reveals that the critical infrastructure providers surveyed are pleased with the results of their efforts to improve cybersecurity over the last three years, but at the same time many (72 percent) said that the threat level of attacks was escalating. Almost half of all respondents (48 percent) believe it is likely that a cyberattack on critical infrastructure, with the potential to result in the loss of human life, could happen within the next three years.

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