IT Transformation is Key to Business Growth, says Dell

Enterprises must innovate and adapt to the emerging trends, or be left behind.

This was the message imparted by IT solutions provider Dell during the Philippine leg of its Solutions Tour 2013. The company said that cloud computing and virtualisation, the consumerisation of IT, Big Data, and data protection are key aspects that local companies must focus on this 2013 and beyond.

“CIOs really need to go and innovate; move from their current infrastructure quickly and transform,” said Sumir Bhatia, Dell Enterprise Solutions Director for South Asia. “It’s not [a question of] if, but when.”

This is being supported by IDC’s recent release of their 2013 ICT predictions for the Asia Pacific region, where transformation is likewise the theme, as consumerisation and business competencies are a few of the points the prediction highlighted.

“The way which IT is being used has changed,” affirms Simon Piff, IDC Asia/Pacific’s Director for Enterprise Infrastructure Research. “2013 is the last call for CIO transformation; CIOs have to wake up to this call.”

IDC also forecasts that 14 percent of tablets, and 41 percent of smartphones will be used for work, as part of the corporatisation of consumer devices.

Today’s collaborative environment now allows social functions to be embedded into enterprise apps, along with allowing these to be utilised into the workforce’s personal devices.

While Bhatia recognises these trends, he notes how businesses are challenged by the security issues associated with new trends.

“Today the role of CIOs is 80 percent focused on just keeping the lights on, and just 20 percent on innovation. Dell is looking into putting this into a 50-50 situation in a short time frame,” he said. “Transformation is a step-by-step approach.”

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