Jumbo revamps MoE store

Jumbo MOE Store EntranceJumbo has re-launched its Mall of the Emirates store with a fresh, new format designed to take the customer experience to the next level and firmly establish Jumbo as the epitome of ‘cool’ in consumer electronics.

The newly revamped Jumbo Retail store, spanning 27,000 square feet, features a clutter-free layout that facilitates easy navigation between product categories, and is designed as a space that encourages customers to browse and explore consumer electronics at leisure.

“Jumbo is a pioneer in organised retail in the region, and we have been improving our in-store and Online offerings consistently to create industry-best retail experiences that appeal to the region’s international consumer base. We think ahead to keep up with customer preferences in the highly competitive consumer electronics retail segment,” says Nadeem Khanzadah, Head-OmniChannel Retail, Jumbo Group.

Jumbo’s newly formatted store differentiates with elements that enable seamless customer experiences. Using colour-coded wall fixtures and easily spottable signage, the store is also sectioned to allow fluid accessibility between main products and related accessories.

The displays are ergonomically designed, keeping in mind the way people interact with products. For example, the televisions on offer are set up in a tiered display, at heights and angles that match the television-viewing experience at home.

The reformatted interiors also include special merchandising areas, or shop-in-a-shop concepts, for specialty brands. These brand-focussed ‘experiential’ zones build on Jumbo’s existing multi-brand structure, while providing a far more interactive experience than shelf displays.

Furthermore, as a trusted consumer electronics retailer in the region, Jumbo credits its success largely on being able to offer customers valuable in-store advice on the best products that suit their needs. Building on this unique proposition, the newly revamped Jumbo store will have on board 75 brand consultants and experienced salespersons on the shop floor.

What’s more, customers can also approach the Jumbo Unwired Crew team for a full demo of the product, transfer data, add software’s and upgrades at the dedicated ‘Unwired Crew’ bay within the store.

Not limiting the customer experience to simply technology and gadgets, the store will also have a lounge area where shoppers can enjoy a break while browsing. There will also be celebrity meet-and-greet opportunities, that will be rolled out in our newly revamped stores.

As one of the anchor stores at the Mall of the Emirates, Jumbo believes the new store format will help increase visitor footfalls to the mall.

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