Lenovo honours FDC with top channel award

Lenovo brought the company’s channel partners from the EMEA region at an event in Berlin, Germany last month.

FDC, a prominent value added distributors (VADs) of IT products in the Middle East was recognised as “Lenovo Distributor of the Year” award at the annual Lenovo EMEA Channel Forum.

The prestigious award was presented to Marissa Safe, COO and VP of FDC by Jack Lee, corporate VP Lenovo Group and GM at Lenovo Middle East and Africa, it was reported.

The event was hosted by Yang Yuanqing, president and CEO Lenovo Group and Gianfranco Lanci, president EMEA and SVP Lenovo Group.

Lanci said, “EMEA is a strategically critical market for us. We must maintain our commercial leadership – we are number one in the world in commercial – while dramatically expanding SMB and consumer presence across the region, and we will achieve this goal to grow in each market segment together with our partners”.

FDC was honoured for its dedication and successful strategy to invest in resources that would boost the company’s brand image throughout the Middle East region over the last five years. This investment and drive has resulted in over 30% growth rate year-on-year, representatives said.

Following the award, FDC announced that it plans to further expand its business, particularly within the Gulf region over the coming five years. Simultaneously, Lenovo representatives announced that the company has set itself an ambitious growth target, with the aim of moving from its current No.5 position in EMEA to No.3.

Lanci added “The channel has played a critical role in our remarkable results. Our partners have helped us become the second largest and fastest growing PC company in the world. They are key to our success and our ambition to achieve 10% share in EMEA and realise our longer term objective of becoming a top three player in EMEA.”

“FDC is very deserving and proud of this award as it reflects years of building our partnership with Lenovo and becoming an integral component to our success. We have continually demonstrated our acumen in the commercial space with expertise in terms of price, product positioning and our invaluable local knowledge allowing award winning success within FDC’s markets,” said Alan Pourmirza, infrastructure manager at FDC. “This commercial success is directly in line with Lenovo’s strategy to maintain its commercial leadership while dramatically expanding SMB and consumer presence across the region and FDC will be a significant player in that strategy”.


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