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LinkShadow is positioned as a representative vendor in the 2024 Gartner Market Guide

LinkShadow, a global leader in intelligent Network Detection and Response (NDR) has been recognised in the Gartner 2024 Market Guide for NDR solution.

This insightful Gartner Report elaborates on how NDR can amplify infrastructure security by seamlessly integrating with various technologies such as SOAR, SIEM, EDR, MDR and numerous others.

As per Gartner, “The network detection and response market continues to grow and expand to hybrid network scenarios with IaaS deployment.  Security and risk management leaders should reprioritise NDR as a key provider of AI analytics in the context of more automated security operations assistants”.

Gartner also recommends that “Enterprises should strongly consider NDR solutions to complement signature-based network security tools and network sandboxes. Many Gartner clients have reported that NDR tools have detected suspicious network traffic that other perimeter security tools had missed”.

Commenting on this Fadi Sharaf, Regional Sales Director, LinkShadow said “We believe this Gartner recognition strengthens LinkShadow’s positioning in the NDR domain. Our aim is to extend the robust LinkShadow NDR capability to enterprises and empower them to stay ahead of the threat curve, taking a proactive approach to safeguard their sensitive assets”.

According to Gartner “Despite strong competition from other platforms, NDR global market revenue continues to grow double digit, registering an increase of 19% for the period 1Q23 through 3Q23, year over year. When the NDR market was nascent, it was composed of a mix of pure-play startups and network monitoring companies expanding to security use cases.  As the market grows, it is attracting more and more large platform providers”.

Gartner Key Findings:

  • Network detection and response (NDR) is commonly used as a complementary detection and response technology as part of a broader arsenal of security operations centre (SOC) tools.
  • The emergence of “AI-augmented” analytics overlays, in the form of SOC assistants, will benefit the NDR market as a useful source of insights for aggregated and summarised views.
  • A handful of NDR vendors capture most of the attention in the market. Higher maturity organisations, often with more specialized detection use cases, often mix these well-known vendors with emerging local players in their shortlists.
  • Most organisations value the response capabilities during their NDR provide evaluations, but only deploy very narrowly automated responses past the pilot phase.

Gartner Recommendations:

  • Start small. Implement NDR to detect abnormal behaviours and provide investigation capabilities for post breach activity, extending incrementally across different types of networks.
  • Identify how NDR’s behaviour-based detections, once tuned, might augment your SOCability to respond to incidents faster and more accurately.
  • Compare NDR vendors by defining rationalised metrics and evaluating how these NDR tools positively impact threat detection and incident response.
  • Roll out automated response progressively, based on your existing incident response SLA for the type of incident and on the false positive rate of the detection engines.

For more interesting details on the Gartner Report: https://www.linkshadow.com/LinkShadow-as-a-Representative-Vendor-in-2024-Gartner-Market-Guide-for-Network-Detection-and-Response

Image Credit: LinkShadow

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