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Threat Hunting – A crucial pillar for security strategy: Frost & Sullivan

LinkShadow – Next-Generation Cybersecurity Analytics sponsors’ the latest Frost and Sullivan white paper – UEBA Demystified: Leveraging machine learning for 360 visibility of IT risk posture.

This white paper talks about why it is considered to be a challenge to anticipate and detect User and Entity Behavioral (UEBA) threats and outlines in depth how LinkShadow – Next-Generation Cybersecurity Analytics Platform can empower organisations to respond to threats in real-time with detailed incidents investigation that offer rapid insights to the risk posture, measure ROI of the existing security solutions in terms of efficiency and performance and help bridge the gaps in your network.

“With sophisticated data breaches on the rise threat hunting has already become crucial for all organisations and will be a core pillar of any upcoming security strategy. For more efficient and effective hunting at scale, an out-of-the-box innovative technology must be in place and that technology is simply LinkShadow for what it has to offer” said Anas Haj, Senior Consultant, Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan.

LinkShadow offers a solution, which focuses on how to overcome the challenges in the smart cyberattacks era. These products include ThreatScore Quadrant, Identity Intelligence, Asset AutoDiscovery, TrafficScene Visualizer and AttackScape Viewer, CXO Dashboards and Threat Shadow.

Combining these products with the state-of-art capabilities, LinkShadow delivers supreme solutions which include Behavioral Analytics, Threat Intelligence, Insider Threat Management, Privileged Users Analytics, Network Security Optimisation, Application Security Visibility, Risk Scoring and Prioritisation, Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis and finally, Anomaly Detection and Predictive Analytics.

Fadi Sharaf, Sales Director, LinkShadow, said, “Cyber-attacks continue to be a major challenge that’s growing at a much faster pace and becoming more advanced and sophisticated. This is evident from the growth in the global cybersecurity market size, projected at USD 289.8 Billion by 2026. Therefore, it is imperative for organisations to gear up to become cyber resilient. We at LinkShadow aim to enhance their defenses against advanced cyberattacks by empowering them with Automated Threat Detection and Incident Forensics with real-time threat response.”

He added, “We are pleased to associate with Frost and Sullivan for positioning us as the leading cybersecurity solutions provider in the UEBA domain.”

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