ServiceNow executive says employee experience and CX are intrinsically linked in digital age

In-house CPI Technology expert Cathy Mauzaize, VP, EMEA South at ServiceNow, explains how a fragmentation of systems has led to a poor ROI on digital transformation for many businesses – and outlines the practices she believes lends itself well to creating a better work environment for employees in the first in her series of op-eds for CNME.

How Cisco Capital can help partners

Increasing competition in the IT landscape puts additional pressure to any organisation’s budget. With this issue at the fore, Sven Jirgal, VP and COO, Cisco Capital, explains why it is now more critical than ever to ensure that IT investments bring the optimum ROI to enterprises.

Do-it-yourself Big Data

Gulf Air shunned the expensive solutions of the big vendors jumping on the Big Data bandwagon, and became the first Middle East organisation to implement the technology by embracing open-source software with an in-house team.

Clean bill of health

In the pursuit of top-quality healthcare, Zulekha Hospital enrolled Elitser Technologies to help implement ITIL best practices and gain certification …


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