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GIGABYTE R282-Z90 the dependable, versatile storage solution

GIGABYTE’s R282-Z90 is a 2U general purpose rack mount server for mainstream computing and HPC workloads, virtualisation (certified by VMware and Citrix), and distributed storage solutions.

The R282-Z90 features dual CPU sockets for 2nd Generation AMD EPYC™ 7002 / 7003 Series processors for up to 128 cores (256 threads) per system, 32 DIMM slots for up to 4TB of DDR4 ECC memory (or up to 8TB using 3DS LRDIMM modules), with a M.2 storage slot and front / rear storage capacity of 12 x 3.5″ and 2 x 2.5″ SATA / SAS hot-swap HDD/SSD drive bays, and up to 8 x PCIe Gen 4.0 slots and 2 x OCP 2.0/3.0 slots to accommodate a large number of options for add-on cards / devices such as HBA, SmartNIC, FPGA and so on. An optional NVMe kit also exists for converting 4 of the 12 x 3.5″ SATA / SAS drive bays into NVMe-compatible bays (PCIe Gen4 x4 bandwidth per drive).

Most importantly, the specifications described above are all designed with a NUMA-balanced system layout, for ensuring optimum performance and reducing performance bottlenecks in demanding workloads.

For instance, in the case of building distributed storage solutions, the R282-Z90 is an ideal choice given its numerous PCIe slots, a NUMA-balanced layout, and a large local storage capacity (NVMe support available), which altogether help to load balance client requests and storage IOPS throughout, provide fast-speed caching, and achieve High Availability in the event of network or storage fabric link failure. Expansion with JBOF running NVMeoF can be easily configured, for example, to provide large scale parallel file systems for Artificial Intelligence and HPC use cases.

Similarly, in the case of designing a virtualization architecture, the R282-Z90 provides the possibility of VM allocation by CPU affinity, especially when the add-on devices per NUMA domain are different (such as using two different HBA protocols). The NUMA-balanced layout also avoids CPU P2P bottlenecks which can cause significant latency to end user experience. The large local storage of the R282-Z90 helps to minimize costs of using external storage appliances and expansion controller cards, especially when software-defined-storage virtualization is considered.

For mainstreaming computing and HPC workloads, the R282-Z90 has been tested on the SPEC CPU® 2017 Benchmark and the SPECjbb® 2015 Benchmark and broken multiple world records. The results speak for themselves:

The versatility of the R282-Z90 usage and its system architecture design, proven by world record breaking benchmark results, makes it a reliable choice for system performance, ease of system integration, and flexibility of addressing varied use case scenarios.

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