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Bring on the services

There is an increasing emphasis on service-aligned approach to IT operations so that CIOs can deliver on the promise of partnering with business. Ashish Kuthiala, Chief Marketing Officer, Business Services Management Software, HP, talks about the value of a services aligned view of IT.

When In Roam

Long term evolution (LTE), often marketed as 4G LTE, currently serves as the optimum standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile devices and data terminals.

The worse for malware

Through the advent of mobility, smartphones and tablets are now more dangerous devices to enterprises than laptops and PCs.
Mobile malware continues to proliferate, and at the same time employees are insisting on bringing their personal devices to work.

Taking centre stage

The financial industry isn’t an easy vertical to please, but DIFC has a secret weapon; it’s the only organisation outside of the telcos to own, manage and operate its infrastructure.

Document Sprawl

African Export-Import Bank is quite an important institution. Established in 1993 by African governments, investors and other financial institutions, its purpose is to finance and promote intra – and extra – African trade.

Taking the cloud public

No technology has bulldozed its way onto the global scene and promised to revolutionise enterprise IT as much as cloud computing.

Architecting your future

With new technologies seemingly always on the horizon, data exploding, and multiple solutions required to support all the intricacies of business, keeping a hold over your IT is becoming increasingly complicated. Enterprise architecture (EA) tools have emerged to allow CIOs the complete infrastructure visibility they require.


This year, Cisco has adopted the principal theme of ‘Where Technology Means Business’, where we will discuss current ICT trends …

Growth by numbers

CNME catches up with Jean-Luc Lasnier, General Manager, MEA, Orange, to see what part this region is playing in the firm’s ‘Conquests 2015’ strategy.


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