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New app will soon let Dubai residents track their food

Dubai residents will soon be able to scan their food and get data such as its nutritional information and track the ingredients included in the food item.

This will be maded possible through the upcoming digital platform Foodwatch, which has been developed by the Food Safety Department, of Dubai Municipality.

The new application, according to WAM, anchored in DM’s vision of making Dubai the healthiest, happiest and the most sustainable city, is a platform that will facilitate data exchange between authorities, food businesses, service providers and consumers.

Built on a ‘transparency model,’ the new app’s data will be open to users and hold all parties accountable for their food listings.

The app will also digitalise documents related to supplier verification, certification, product and process information, training documents, temperature monitoring records, pest monitoring programme, cleaning and disinfection records, among others

“Digital technology has the potential to affect every aspect of food safety, enabling organisations to identify and manage food safety risks more precisely and Foodwatch provides a powerful infrastructure that will not only digitalise documents, procedures and records, but also serve as an interface for real-time,” said Sultan Al Tahir, Head of Food Inspection Section in the FSD of DM.

The Foodwatch app will share information between authorities, food businesses, service providers and consumers. Developed by the Food Safety Department and will digitalise documents, procedures and records, as well as enable all organisations to identify and manage food-safety risks.

The new platform aims to decrease transaction costs by reducing duplication, reconciliation, and record-keeping tasks. The App will be made available for public use very soon.

“Food safety management systems have been largely paper-based and it costs both food industry and the government enormous time and resources to maintain and verify records and documents related to these systems. Foodwatch will transform this by building trust around digital, immutable, permanent and auditable record-keeping,” he added.

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