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Next Gen TVs from Samsung

The Smart TV hub main interface

Samsung?s Smart TV hub is a collection of web based applications and streaming web content

Samsung’s Smart TV hub is a collection of web based applications and streaming web content. The basic screen has a number of navigation icons connecting to social media sites, HDTV based Samsung Apps, video players, 3D controls and so on.  A miniature window on the side allows users to view web streaming content into the TV from a second channel, while actively playing content from its inbuilt media players or through the web.

The USB port allows Smart Hub to play external content through its inbuilt media players and its software based 3D switch-over generates visual depth even for standard 2D video content. 3D audio technology simulates height and depth of an audio track by distinguishing between foreground and background sounds to create an immersive experience.

The active video image is built very close to the running external 5mm frame helping to create immersive depth into moving content. The 3D glasses which come with Samsung’s Smart TV are based on Bluetooth technology and not infrared, which makes line of sight alignment unnecessary. Unlike commodity 3D glasses Samsung’s 3D glasses are internally powered, cut off peripheral light and create a more comfortable viewing experience.

Smart TV’s are available in LED, LCD and PDP technologies and are available in sizes from 43 to 64 inches. The TV’s are mounted on a sturdy quad stand that makes wall mounting redundant.

Caption 2: 3D rendering can be activated by switching on the 3D glasses and flicking a button on the remote console

Caption 3: Available streaming 3D content through Samsung’s content hub

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