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noon payments drives seamless, scalable, and secured online transactions with the power of Microsoft Cloud

22 February, 2022; Dubai, UAE: Microsoft today announced that Dubai-based e-commerce business noon payments has successfully migrated its core operations to Azure, to achieve performance and availability, accelerate DevOps, and enhance cost-efficiency.

Noon payments is entering its seventh year of operations, providing a comprehensive solution that enables quick onboarding, a richly featured checkout, and speedy integrations with major e-commerce platforms and shopping carts. The company’s decision-makers knew that in the post-COVID reality of always-on demands from consumers, performance would be a critical factor to remain differentiated in its operating market.

“As a payment service provider, we needed to respond in real time to any kind of demand spike and to give our merchants the instant response times they expect”, said Marco Incalcaterra, Head of Technology at noon payments. “Microsoft offers the most comprehensive solution in the market; the products are connected to one another. The company’s large, flexible offering was one of the key factors in choosing Microsoft as our partner that will enable us to develop a strong, resilient, easy-to-scale platform”.

Before its migration to Azure, noon payments had to deploy new apps and services through the PowerShell script, which was an error-prone process that required a lot of support from experts. Now, the company’s quality assurance team can deploy at will, day or night, to the cloud environment with a single click and zero consultation with DevOps. And with Microsoft’s API management solution noon payments can not only scale without limits, but also protect its infrastructure.

“Being a holistic payments platform, organisations like noon payments play a crucial role in enabling digital transformation for enterprises across the world”, said Naim Yazbeck, Regional Director, Enterprise and Partner Group (EPG), Microsoft UAE. “It’s exciting to see how the Microsoft cloud is delivering millisecond response times and single-click deployment to noon payments, making online transactions more secure and responsive for online shoppers in the region”.

The Microsoft Azure cloud deployment was also able to meet noon payments’ requirement for zero downtime by leveraging Traffic Manager to divert transactions to other regions during times of maintenance. Azure also enables noon payments to scale its performance bandwidth through peak times such as noon’s Yellow Friday Sale in November when the company projected demand spikes of up to 10 times the normal load.

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