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Paladion recognised as analytics and automation specialist

Rajat Mohanty, Paladion
Rajat Mohanty, Paladion

Paladion, a global cyber defence company that provides managed detection and response services, DevOps security, cyber forensics, and professional services, has announced its placement in Forrester’s April 2017 report, Vendor Landscape: Global Managed Security Services.

Forrester recognised Paladion as an MSSP that “specialises in advanced [security] analytics and automation.” The report noted that Paladion’s solution “makes heavy use of statistical and machine learning models across the data sets it collects from clients. Heavy automation follows this analysis, as event triage factors in contextual, historical, and risk data. Paladion also maintains a run book of incident response procedures that clients can adjust as necessary, with automation actions available for clients that choose to take advantage of them.”

Forrester’s Vendor Landscape for Global Managed Security Services lists Paladion with 33 global MSSPs, and provides their service catalogue, operating region, and areas of expertise.

Forrester on the Vendor Landscape: Global Managed Security Services, 2017 writes, “For security pros looking to augment their programmes with services partners, this is an age of abundance — abundant budget and abundant choice. But sometimes too many choices are just as bad as no choice at all. To help you avoid ‘analysis paralysis,’ this report lists relevant managed security services providers by their service catalog, operating region, and areas of expertise. It will help you navigate a crowded, and growing, mass of telecoms, pure-play providers, boutiques, outsourcers, and consultancies that all offer managed security services.”

Rajat Mohanty, CEO, Paladion, said, “Paladion has been delivering managed detection and response combing proprietary high speed threat analytics and orchestration platform with human expertise. I believe that Forrester’s recognition of our model validates the growing requirement of clients for deeper detection and faster response.  Organisations today are looking beyond traditional managed security to more active security management. We continue to invest in growing our capabilities in this space to deliver high speed cyber defence for our clients.”

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