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Resecurity introduces digital identity protection in UAE

Resecurity, Inc. (USA) is thrilled to announce the introduction of their award-winning Identity Protection (IDP) service in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This cutting-edge IDP service, brought to you by Resecurity, is dedicated to safeguarding citizens and businesses in the UAE from cyber threats, effectively fortifying the UAE’s Digital Frontier.

The grand launch of this service is taking place at GITEX Global 2023 in Dubai, a premier global technology event. Resecurity is proudly exhibiting their offerings in their state-of-the-art pavilion (H2-B50), showcasing intelligence-driven cybersecurity, threat intelligence, and risk management solutions.

Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity, stated, “Identity Protection by Resecurity is pivotal in fortifying Dubai’s digital infrastructure and bolstering the Emirate’s digital economy. This Resecurity solution is designed to shield both citizens and businesses from the escalating risks of account takeover, fraudulent activities, and malicious online behaviours. Its mission is to empower society to protect online identities and minimise the perils of account takeover, personal data breaches, online-banking theft, and scams. We are proud that our solution has already saved multi-million dollars for major Fortune 100 organisations in North America, LATAM, and APAC. Now, we are thrilled to extend its protection to one of the world’s largest business, trade, and digital economy hubs in the Middle East”.

The availability of this groundbreaking service in the UAE follows the introduction of the second cycle of Dubai’s Cyber Security Strategy by Sheikh Hamdan. This strategy aims to create a society that is safe from cyber threats, and Resecurity’s Identity Protection (IDP) solution will assist countless consumers and companies in the UAE in pursuing this goal. Victims of cybercrime will have the means to safeguard their accounts and personal data through continuous monitoring and proactive early-warning notifications.

Christian Lees, CTO of Resecurity, affirmed, “We are excited to bring Resecurity’s IDP service to citizens and businesses in the UAE, showcasing its advanced features and capabilities. Our goal is to empower individuals to take control of their online presence, ensuring protection from identity theft, fraud, and other malicious activities. With Resecurity’s IDP, users can confidently navigate the digital landscape, knowing that their personal information is secure”.

Cyber threats targeting digital identities have become a significant issue in the Middle East, resulting in online banking theft, fraud, and other scams. These malevolent actions also inflict damage upon enterprises through network intrusions, intellectual property theft, and data breaches, resulting in significant financial and reputational harm.

Resecurity has launched a new service specifically to aid users in safeguarding their online identities. This service actively monitors stolen data, specifically searching for leaked passwords, national identification documents, personal information, and payment data —items frequently peddled by cybercriminals on the dark web.

Shawn Loveland, COO of Resecurity, explained, “Resecurity is pioneering accessible cybersecurity services, making them available to everyday citizens who may not be fully aware of the lurking cyber threats. Cybercriminals often exploit the digital identities of children, women, and law-abiding individuals to commit cybercrimes and fraud, causing detrimental impacts on the victims’ personal lives and privacy”.

For more information regarding Resecurity and its comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, please visit the official company website at For real-time updates and information about GITEX Global 2023, and how to participate, please visit the event’s official website at

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