Sage completes implementation of ERP, CRM suite at Pratham Filters

Sage India has revealed the successful installation and implementation of Sage Extended Enterprise Solution Suite (Sage EES) for Pratham Filters.

The leading Indian filtration company turned to the solution to streamline its time-consuming accounting processes and improve management of financial accountability and compliance.

Pratham Filters recently embarked on an initiative that aimed at improving both its operations and efficiencies.

Aside from making the move towards full automation, the company detailed the demand for a strategic software solution that could help tighten both the accounting aspect of its operations while at the same time create a better and improved lead management system.

Sage EES is a seamless integration of Sage ACCPAC ERP and Sage CRM. The Sage ACCPAC ERP solution addresses Pratham Filters’ business process and financial aspects of operations while Sage CRM helps improve the move towards sales force automation and enhance marketing and customer service.

“Over the last seven years, Pratham Filters has been running at the forefront of India’s liquid and air filtration segment. Looking to strengthen our operations, we were looking for a robust enquiry tracking mechanism that would ensure that every enquiry was being entered into the system and prevent any leak of opportunities,” said Ajay Shroff, director at Pratham Filters.

“The installation of Sage EES has given us the freedom of choice, ease of integration, high performance and the reliability to increase profitability and seize the competitive advantage. The integration of both Sage ERP and CRM now allows our sales force to respond promptly and knowledgeably to customers by placing information about prior activity in a database that covers key data like orders, shipments, payment history, returns and pricing,” he added.

The adoption of the new system was implemented by Greytrix, the India-based implementation partner of Sage Software.

Aside from the Sage EES solution suite, Greytrix also added the installation of a solution called ‘Greytrix TDS,’ which specifically caters to taxation needs based on set Indian standards and policies.

Greytrix was able to execute the implementation, which covered the customisation, import of data and training for personnel.

“Sage Accpac is a highly scalable and modular ERP application that provides robust financial and accounting support and real time inventory control and visibility. Keeping in mind the requirements of Pratham Filters, we felt that Sage Accpac’s many functionalities would definitely help improve their business processes,” said Kumar Siddhartha, CEO at Greytrix.

One key feature of the solution is the presence and easy access to shared and consistent data between CRM and ERP applications, which gives the company 360 degree customer visibility.

“The successful implementation of Sage EES across Pratham Filters operations demonstrates our continued commitment towards providing our customers with strategic out-of-the-box solutions to help drive in an increase in productivity and improvement in efficiencies,” said Vikram Suri, MD Middle East and India at Sage Software.

“Sage EES is the perfect solutions package for Pratham Filters – ensuring them with a tighter way of handing their financial operations while at the same time give them an even better advantage of following up on their leads. Rest assured, Sage will continue to act as strategic partners for companies like Pratham Filters and give them the extra push in staying ahead of their competition,” he added.

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