ServiceNow launches software asset management

ServiceNow has launched a software asset management solution that gives businesses the power to fix licensing issues before they affect their bottom line.

Licensed software is now found in every enterprise department and managing compliance to these complex software contracts has become a minefield for IT. With vendor software audits on the rise, it has become more important than ever to address licensing problems fast or risk facing severe financial penalties. Software Asset Management combines catalog, procurement and orchestration all in one system of action. With a few simple clicks, enterprises can quickly and easily allocate and reclaim software licenses to address non-compliance and avoid the pains associated with vendor audits. IT can also eliminate budget-draining software waste (shelf-ware), resulting in significant cost-savings for the enterprise. Now, enterprises can confidently make the most of their licensed software to move their business faster.

Software license and maintenance costs account for nearly one-third of IT budgets and complexity goes beyond just the software installed on end-user devices. The growth of software-as-a-service means that organisations need to adopt a way to measure and manage consumption of cloud software, especially with the rise of shadow IT. Adding to the complexity, some software vendors base their licenses on service capacity and other factors, which can be difficult to track when running on an array of public and hybrid clouds. In addition, most companies still manage their software by manually updating spreadsheets and hoping that they do not get audited by their vendors.

“As software drives greater innovation across the enterprise, it also demands more strategic oversight and powerful levers to optimise its use,” said Karel van der Poel, vice president and general manager, ServiceNow. “With ServiceNow Software Asset Management, CIOs have the means to master the management of software licensing and proactively support the business. They can make vendor audits painless and under reporting of software use a thing of the past.

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