Siemens launches digitalisation roadshow

Siemens has launched a digitalisation roadshow across the Middle East, bringing together leaders from government, private sector and education to develop a roadmap for digitalisation implementation. In partnership with GMIS, Atos, Indish Technologies and Strategy&, the first two roadshows will take place in the UAE, followed by events in Kuwait, Qatar and Egypt.

 “Digitalisation goes far beyond technology; it’s a broad ecosystem encompassing innovation, education, skill development, strategy and investment, in both public and private sectors,” said Dietmar Siersdorfer, CEO, Siemens Middle East and UAE. “We are building a cross-sector platform for key stakeholders to identify opportunities, address challenges and share knowledge, ultimately developing a roadmap for digitalisation implementation in the Middle East.”

 The roadshows will examine the regional impact of digitalisation technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), the digital enterprise, cybersecurity and additive manufacturing, and investigate the relevant implementation strategies. Representatives from education, government and private sector will also discuss topics related to the wider digitalisation ecosystem including skills, research and development, partnership-building and investment.

 The first roadshow, held in Dubai on May 3, will see leaders from aerospace, education, smart city technology, infrastructure and data management consider the digitalisation landscape in the GCC, and identify specific ways in which digitalisation can create value locally. They will also take a closer look at digitalisation from the perspective of the practitioner.

“Digitalisation will play a significant role in building sustainable, diverse and globally competitive economies in the Middle East,” said Siersdorfer. “It’s not just about business; it’s about creating an environment in which digitalisation benefits society as a whole. We can only do this by building partnerships, co-creating and sharing knowledge to develop strategies for the digital era.”

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