Smart grids pave way for efficient energy: Huawei

Dr. Liu Qi, President, Huawei Enterprise, Middle East

With energy consumption in the Middle East set to double in the next decade, electric utilities and energy providers need to consider smart grid technologies that not only cater to the rising demand of power but can also reduce the impact on the environment, says Dr. Liu Qi, President, Huawei Enterprise, Middle East.

Huawei Enterprise is set to highlight its ‘smart’ solutions for smart grid management at the forthcoming Smart Grids and Smart Meters Summit 2011, taking place in Abu Dhabi from September 26-27.

Energy management and energy technology are key concerns for the utility sector in the Middle East, and while the smart grid technology is still emerging, Claudio Lima, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Smart Grid solutions at Huawei Enterprise, global markets will deliver a presentation on how the concept behind smart grid communication technologies is an enabler of smart grid and ‘smart cities’. He will also address how smart grids can also transform the way electricity can be better managed and will also define the key elements and the building blocks of a standard-based, end-to-end smart grid communications systems.

“The next generation electricity grid is becoming far ‘smarter’ than yesterday, where intelligent devices operate bi-directionally and where communication systems function in real-time, said Dr. Liu Qi, President, Huawei Enterprise, Middle East. “Huawei Enterprise is one of the only information communications technology (ICT) vendor that integrates and provides end-to-end ‘smart’ solutions for the utility sector. With our proven strengths in rolling out some of the world’s state-of-the art network communications infrastructure including mobile, fixed and converged broadband, Huawei Enterprise has built some of the most complex of sub-systems for this emerging sector.”

Considered an emerging trend in the Middle East, smart grids are fast being recognised across the globe as the new-age technology that intelligently facilitates substantial financial savings to both household users and government institutions, while improving utilities operational efficiency. Through delivery of electricity using digital communications and IT technologies, smart grid solutions are designed to protect the power grid from blackouts and attacks, while managing and measuring energy efficiently. Smart grid technology also enables a utility payment system for users that is far more convenient than before.

Smart grid technology integrates solutions in information communications technology (ICT) so that they are able to remotely control, supervise and manage new grid devices and subsystems. In the case of a power cut for instance, new smart grid solutions can automatically identify and fix issues. Also new renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and biomass can be integrated as part of the new grid solutions through the use of advanced ICT systems.

He added: “Communication networks within utility technologies need to be strong and reliable so that electric utilities, commercial and government businesses as well as households have guaranteed and high quality power to function on a daily basis. We look forward to meeting with enthusiasts in the energy sector at the Smart Grids and Smart Meters Summit, so together we can explore ways to improve the energy efficiency, and discuss intelligent ICT solutions for the smart grid and utility management.”

Huawei Enterprise’s core strengths in smart grid solutions rely on a number of core elements enabling a two-way communication system that delivers high speed connectivity in real time. Offering solutions in data collection, control and billing systems, Huawei’s solutions allow for greater performance in energy management, while establishing a more refined smart communications and processing capacity to improve energy efficiency and savings.

As a global leader providing ICT solutions across industries, Huawei Enterprise has identified growth opportunities in the emerging vertical smart grid and green energy segment to meet the increase demands of the region. Huawei Enterprise develops a holistic approach offering electricity grid technology that is innovative and is ready to be deployed in the GCC.


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