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stc expands complete digital eco-system with cable to EU

Riyadh, July 26, 2022: stc group’s MENA Hub to build East to Med Data Corridor (EMC) undersea and land fibre optic data cable that will link Europe with Asia, with Greek partners.

stc’s MENA Hub with this new project shows the nature of its ambition to provide every increasing global connectivity and data centre capacity to the markets of Asia, Europe and the rest of the world through Saudi Arabia which sits at the geographic heart of these key economies.

This is another illustration of the increasing scale, scope, and pace of stc group’s transformation as a digital company and as it builds out a world leading complete digital eco-system.

As the world accelerates towards an increasing digital connectivity of businesses and people it is essential that business can offer all aspects of this world for the benefit of businesses and the customers and clients they serve.

That is why stc have also developed separate but connected IoT businesses to facilitate the analysis and implementation of greater efficiency and effectiveness of multiple operations to running multi-billion dollar manufacturing or logistics facilities.

stc’s investments in cloud computing and data centres provides the capacity for the ever-increasing analysis and storage for data as we head towards the world of quantum computing.

With increasing digital connectivity comes the need to protect businesses and companies. sirar, stc’s cybersecurity arm, with access to and comprehension of the complete eco-system which stc has created is ideally placed to handle and address these current and future requirements as they arise.

Only by owning, combining, integrating and coordinating every aspect of the digital world, can stc offer the end to end solution and latency, effectiveness and efficiency that tomorrow’s businesses and customers demand.

Regarding the signing, the Group CEO, Eng. Olayan Mohammed Al Wetaid, said “this important signing represents another validation of the execution of our DARE2.0 strategy as we build out our complete digital ecosystem at expanding scope, increasing scale and accelerating pace. We are pleased to be building out even further our integrated system for the benefit of our clients and customers, as we look to further establish our digital credentials and contribute to Vision 2030 and become a leading digital company and regional digital hub linking three continents”.

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