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Oman ITA talks game-changing impact of AI

The Oman Information Technology Authority (ITA) has organised a meeting with the leaders of government entities to discuss the challenges they face in their digital transformation projects in the Sultanate.

The meeting was held in Crowne Plaza Hotel with the participation of around 50 representatives and digital transformation leaders from the government entities and the officials from ITA.

Attendees were also asked to share new updates and technology trends to be up date in implementing technology in the new projects.

The gathering started by showcasing a successful and new payment mobile application called “Thawani”. It is a new electronic payment using the app, in which the merchant and the buyer are in one app and the selling process is done using QR Code.

Focusing on emerging technologies and their potential implementation in different sectors in the Sultanate, Giridhar, a Consultant at ITA, highlighted these technologies in his presentation.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the highlighted technologies that can be applied in smart learning in education, diagnosis and drug discovery in health care as well as public services and business enhancement. The Information Technology Authority (ITA) is currently working on proof of concept using the artificial intelligence technology with the Ministry of Health.

Conversational user interface (chatbots) are one of the emerging technologies that can be effectively used in museums, airports, tourism, helpdesk and call centers, healthcare and recruitment. The ITA worked on a project to proof the success of this technology in which a team of the employees worked on a chatbot for the portal and it was successful.

Salma Al Burtmani, Director of Project Management Office (PMO) at ITA, talked about the aims and mechanism that the office is working on in following up with the digital transformation projects. PMO has been set a year ago to share the best practices related to Digital Transformation Project management and to follow up and monitor the transformation projects’ implementation.


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