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Online booking portal for Hajj witnesses huge traffic

Online booking of low cost Hajj for local pilgrims has reportedly received an overwhelming 240,000 aspirant pilgrims enrolling in the first week of starting the registration process.

According to Hajj operators, there has been huge traffic at the web portal with more than half a million people having visited the site in the first week, Saudi Gazette reported.

Prospective pilgrims can register in three categories – general, low fare and muyassur. The cost for general category is from $1,737 (SR6,508) to $3,178 (SR11,905) low fare is between $920 (SR3,447) and $1280 (SAR 4,797) and the muyassur category is $925 (SR3,465).

There is huge rush for the low cost and muyassur categories, which have 26,458 and 10,000 slots respectively, said the report.

However, according to the report, a number of non-Arab pilgrims were not able to register via the online portal as it only displays Arabic conent.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah clarified that an English version is available and contains all required information. The officials said after the default opening of the portal in Arabic, the visitor has to click on the globe sign at the top corner of the page above the toll free number to switch the language.

So far aspirant pilgrims from the Riyadh region stood top in registration, followed by Jeddah and Dammam. The registration will continue until July 13, the 30th of Shawwal.

All domestic Hajj operators are required to accept pilgrims through the ministry’s web portal only. A total of 233,076 inland pilgrims are expected to perform Hajj this year after registering online through the ministry’s portal, said the report.

A total of 193 domestic Hajj operators are brought into the ambit of the portal from this year, according to the ministry.

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